I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… Roni Loren’s books are masterful, story-driven, sensual and very erotic.  Please judge her books by the cover and even by the author quotes on the outside.  These books are sizzling, steamy hot!!MELT INTO YOU was no different.  We have a few messed up and complicated individuals.  Jace has always felt as the black sheep and fuck up in his family.  He has never been able to do what his father expected of him, his marriage ended in a bad divorce and he now may be the embarrassment of his family because he owns a sex shop.  Well that and he goes to a sex club and continuously shares women with his best friend Andre.

There’s only been one woman in his past that could’ve made him really want forever.  Evangeline.  His family had taken her in as a foster child when she was only 16.  Of course they were both attracted to each other even though he was older, and they were best friends until things got out of hand and she ran away.  He never knew what happened to her until he finds her by accident engaged to a TV relationship guru, and attending the sex club he has a membership at to explore her kinky side without her fiance.

But things are not always what they seem.  Starting with her engagement and with the real reason why she’s at the club, and then later on with what she thought she wanted to experience.  What starts out as a very hot one on one weekend and walk down memory lane turns into an extremely steamy but also very emotional m/m/f relationship.

Every character has a sad and difficult past, things they have to get through and out on the table. Ms. Loren did an amazing job at giving us a complete picture into their lives and making us connect with everyone!  And the most beautiful part is that by the end of this book I was totally sold on every aspect of this permanent threesome.  The Jace/Andre dynamic was great and hot and straight out of my fantasies (especially the ending 😉

Another winner in this series, definitely one of my have-to-get-as-soon-as-possible series and an author that has quickly become a favorite of mine!  Now give me Grant’s story, I’m ready!

*ARC provided by publisher

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