ARC Review: Matter of Time by Alannah Lynne

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ARC Review: Matter of Time by Alannah Lynne
Alannah Lynne
Book Info

Released: April 21st 2015
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 230

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“If you’re looking for a hot quickie read, this book may be a fit for you.” ~ Under the Covers

It was only a Matter Of Time until Logan came back to his first true love. He has  been in a marriage out of obligation making it doomed from the start.  Now that it’s over, he plans to go for what he should never have given up.

Lizbeth could never truly forget him despite the pain he put her through.  She tried, but no one could ever replace him.  When she saw Logan’s twin brother, she realized her feelings were even stronger then she imagined. Strong enough to do whatever it takes to be with him again.

Logan and Lizbeth were such a sexy couple, and it was obvious that they were very in love. They are also open and comfortable with their sexuality, so, as soon as they get back together, they jump right into the relationship.  I love the premise of their broken hearts only to find each other again for a second chance. I think Logan and Lizbeth truly deserved to be together.

Overall, Matter Of Time was a quick sexy read. The use of the BDSM room to Logan And Lizbeth’s disposal was kind of cool though I felt it was more kink then BDSM type of read.

I enjoyed how the author took careful care in adding realistic situations of divorced parents in dealing with newcomers into the family. However, there were a few things I didn’t find appealing.  The conflict leading up to the resolution of the story was a bit too light for my liking. The hurt and past emotions were there, gearing up for the conflict, but it never came. I kept bracing myself for some kind of disaster but instead the union between Logan and Lizbeth was quite sweet and fast.  Too Fast. Logan’s kids were also too accepting and again too fast. I think this book would have benefited if the book had time more time to acclimate the characters into their new found feelings.

If you’re looking for a hot quickie read, this book may be a fit for you.

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I’m married to a wonderful man who is my biggest fan and loves me beyond belief. We have two sons. The oldest is a talented musician. The youngest is a teenager, still trying to figure out his purpose in life. Aside from driving me crazy.

I have a degree in accounting (ack), but worked in advertising for ten years before becoming a stay-at-home mom and author.

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  1. it stinks when the build up is there and the necessary conflict doesn’t come….it just goes right to the resolution… but when I need a quick read I may check this out

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