MATE CLAIMED is book four in the Shifters Unbound series by Jennifer Ashley. This book explores Iona’s story. Iona is a half-Shifter, living without a Collar in the human world. The danger of living without any real knowledge of her mating hunger and Shifter side can very well kill her if she isn’t careful. So, Eric Warden, wildcat and leader of his own Shiftertown is now taking Iona into his own hands to care for her. Iona fears the repercussions of revealing herself as half Shifter. She believes that her mother and sister will no longer accept her, but is she willing to keep their good faith for the cost of her life?

This book is sexually potent, filled to the brim with the perfect amount of sexual tension and chemistry. As Eric peruses Iona, she becomes more and more pliant as his seduction turns her into goo.

Although I didn’t feel like that book held too much flashy action, there was still a good amount of it to keep me entertained. Ashley’s writing style is smooth and consistent, exploring the world she is expertly created and setting up the next book of the series well.

Both characters seemed mediocre in my eyes, but by the end of the book, I felt like they had grown exponentially. That’s a testament to Ashley’s writing. She is able to create endearing characters and make you care about them in a short amount of time.

Tiger is the perfect example of this. Introduced later in MATE CLAIMED, he still captured my interests and has me desperately pining for the next book! It will be a good day when I have TIGER MAGIC in my hands!

*ARC provided by publisher

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