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MALIBU RISING was the last book I read in May and it’s out today! The perfect beach read. Seriously. This was one of my most anticipated books of 2021 and TJR never disappoints. She brings to life characters and stories in such simple ways but that touch so deep, you don’t even realize until you’re confused by them.

This is a family drama as we follow 4 siblings that love surfing and have had a rough life growing up. We get to see glimpses of that as we go along with this story. From how their parents met and the life they had, to how all that brought them to the place they find themselves in today. All while we focus on the one big party that changed their lives forever. Be warned there’s lies, cheating, betrayals and heartbreak ahead. But there’s also a hopeful sense of empowerment.

My absolute favorite character was Nina, the oldest of the siblings, and the caretaker of the bunch. She’s a self proclaimed doormat, never thinking of herself because everyone around her had to be ok. Something was not good for her, she just didn’t think she had the choice to say no. Watching her journey was especially emotional for me and I loved seeing where that took her in the end. It also shows that the quiet strength that it takes to be that rock that everyone relies on.

I’ve been reading TJR for so many years, ever since FOREVER, INTERRUPTED came out. With every book she cements herself even more as one of my all time favorite authors and this one was no different. I cared about these characters as if they were real people and that’s one of the wonderful things about Ms. Reid’s writing. While you’re reading, you don’t realize this is fiction.

Make sure this is on your Summer TBR!⁠ A beautiful story about people that are just a bit broken but that put themselves back together in the end.

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  1. Daisy Jones nearly did me in….as well as Maybe Next Life…ill gird my loins…
    Great review!