“It gave me definite P.S. I Love You vibes, mixed with The Proposal.”

~ Under the Covers

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With her life back in LA hanging on by a thread, aspiring screenwriter Cara hops on a plane to Dublin for a long weekend. But after one too many whiskeys on her last night in Ireland, she returns to America with a brand new husband in tow. As the two try to give their marriage a go, Finn starts going out on auditions, where he lands the role of a lifetime. Will this new gig give Cara and Finn their own Hollywood ending or will their love fizzle out before it can even begin?

Lucky Leap Year was such a fun read. Both Cara and Finn were likable from the start and I found myself cheering for their happily ever after the entire time. While it was fun seeing the beginning of their relationship, I really fell for the pair once they got back to LA. The two had their fair share of secrets, but I loved watching them figure out what each of them meant to each other in terms of their new marriage.

I adored Finn and could hear his Irish accent brimming from the pages. From his endearment of “Luv” and his sexy and witty banter, I was all in on his character. He was the perfect compliment to Cara, who he pushed to get out of her shell, especially after the implosion of her last relationship.

I really liked Walker’s debut novel, Happy Singles Day, so I knew I had to read Lucky Leap Year. It definitely didn’t disappoint and I felt like I was watching a movie as I read the book. It gave me definite P.S. I Love You vibes, mixed with The Proposal. A solid romantic comedy that isn’t too heavy!


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  1. Nice review but I’m going to pass on this one…trope is getting old when it’s so self serving…rather the a abouto be deported but have an important reason to stay…