LORD’S FALL is a great love story with a hint of Hunger Games element with some Civil War action. As usual, Thea Harrison did not disappoint. She has given her readers a chance to peak beyond Pia and Dragos’ Happy-Ever-After (HEA) and a glance at what’s up and up with the Wyr Demesne.It has been 7 months since Pia and Dragos have mated. If you have been following the Elder Races series, you know that Pia and Dragos are expecting Peanut and she is now taking on the role of Dragos’ mate. Her first mission is to repair the Wyr and Elves demesne’s relationship. Turns out that she’ll be doing more than just fixing a demesne quarrels, she’ll also be in the middle of a civil war between the Elves and their Ancients. Unfortunately, she will be doing this mission on her own and away from her mate. It’s something both she and Dragos must overcome.

Meanwhile, at The Callubre Towers, Dragos’ Seven Sentinels are down to five. His top two, Tiago has mated with the Dark Fae Queen, Nininane aka Trix and Rune has mated with Carling, the Vampyre Queen. The need to replace them was inevitable so Dragos held the Sentinel Games. That’s right boys and girls, there will be new characters to look forward to. The Sentinel Games are pretty awesome and watching Dragos do his public appearance without Pia was pretty cute. I like that Thea keeps his character at a constant. He’s still very powerful, rich, sexy, overprotective but very sweet to his mate. He is the reason I am addicted to this series.

It was brilliant how Ms. Harrison brought Dragos and Pia back even after their HEA in Dragon Bound. This just shows you, even in our fantasy world, an HEA still needs a lot of work to keep going. There are also a few new relationships that are rekindled, few that are obviously brewing to be something more and new friendships were formed. This hopefully ensures us more of this world. If you have not read Dragon Bound, I highly suggest you do so. Pia and Dragos’ characters and relationship building started there and it’s a shame to miss their courtship.

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