This is the last book in the Royal House of Shadows and as faithful book readers we ladys here at Under the Covers have read all the books and it seems our patience and tenacity has finally payed off, we are all in total agreement that this was the best book by far, Nalini Singh has once again produced a fantastic book.Under the Covers on…

…The Hero

Micah, Micah, Micah, what delicious man meat you are beneath that black razor sharp armour. Our tortured hero is the Lord of the Abyss, the guardian to hell, it is his job to catch all evil souls and deliver them to the Abyss. However, he doesn’t realize he is also Micah, long lost heir of Elden and that without him the Blood Sorcerer and his vile magicks will destroy his land. Apart from Micah being absoloutley gorgeous, what made us all fall in love with him was his adorable mixture of being completely arrogant, he is Lord of the Abyss and expects everyone to obey and fear him, which they do and yet innocent, because of the armour he wears he has never been touched by another human being, and at heart is very lonely. What girl could resist?

…The Heroine

What an unexpected treat! Lily is actually the Blood Sorcerers daughter in a surprising twist, but she is a fantastic heroine and made the book. With a father as twisted as hers she has had a tortured live and yet is kind hearted, loyal and tough. Risking her life to try and stop her father she seeks out Micah to bring him back to Elden and joing his brothers and sister. However, she didn’t expect to feel drawn to him and after a life time of being called ugly she definietly doesn’t expect him to feel the same way.

…The Romance

These two had great chemistry, their connection was beautiful and watching them explore the connection was a real treat. Neither one of them had ever had any true affection of love in their live and watching them stumble through it together was what kept us up all night reading.

…The Things that Niggled

But this book wasn’t perfect, there were things that stopped it from getting 5 feathers. Like the previous books this one ended really abruptly, as the last book in the series we expected to see the siblings reunite, but that never seemed to materialize, even though it seemed to be the whole aim of the series. Also the rather anti climatic ending of the Blood Sorcerer after he had caused so much pain and deustruction we expected epic battles, but it all seemed to get resolved rather quickly, too quickly.

…The Series

Although this book was fantastic this series doesn’t really work that well for us, it is a great idea with different authors working on different characters, but it seemed underdeveloped and maybe because there were four different authors all putting their spin on Elden, it never seemed that cohesive either. But they have been enjoyable reads and special mentions in this series go to Lord of Rage and Lord of the Abyss.

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  1. This was my favorite book by far in the series. Agree that the ending was abrupt but Micah and lily’s romance made up for it. Series was a bit scattered but it was an interesting experiment. Thanks for the review!