What’s great about this book in particular is  the way Godric and Margaret go from strangers who just happen to be married to becoming a real couple in love. ~ Under the Covers

In book five of the Maiden Lane series, Elizabeth Hoyt brings forth another masked man who rules the night. This time, his name is Godric St. John.

As an older man who is comfortable with being alone, he finds it odd when his wife, Lady Margaret Reading finally decides to develop a relationship with him. They have been married to each other for two years already, yet Godric and Margaret have never consummated their marriage. After all this time, Margaret finally wants a baby and will do anything to gain her precious one…even if it means going to Godric to ask for a child.

However, matters become more complicated when Margaret and Godric are living in the past. Godric has lost his one true love and despite the years that have passed, time has not lessen the ache in his chest. Similarly, Margaret’s first love was murdered, leaving her with his unborn child and the reason why Godric and Margaret are together now, to save her reputation. The death of her first love AND the miscarriage dampened Margaret’s spirits, but she doesn’t allow that to stop her now.

Lady Margaret Reading is badass. In the opening scene, Margaret has a pistol pointed at Godric’s head. Little does she know that the Ghost of St. Giles is actually her husband! In another scene, Margaret stabs Godric in the back, again thinking he is the masked man who roams the night and the same man who killed her first lover.

LORD OF DARKNESS is definitely reminiscent of THIEF OF SHADOWS. A lot of the same elements are there, but what’s great about this book in particular is the way Godric and Margaret go from strangers who just happen to be married to becoming a real couple in love. I found that I really enjoyed both characters and paired with the missing lassies storyline, I was hooked!

I must say, I am in love with the Ghost of St. Giles theme going on in the last two books. It is a great and natural opportunity to bring action into the stories without being too heavy on the drama. And also, who can resist a hero like that? Instant panty remover!

DUKE OF MIDNIGHT is the next book and it features Maximus Batten, Duke of Wakefield and the brother of Hero. I’m already on the edge waiting for this book!


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