ARC Review: Life’s Too Short by Abby Jimenez

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ARC Review: Life’s Too Short by Abby Jimenez
Life's Too Short
Book Info

Released: April 6, 2021
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Series: The Friend Zone #3
Pages: 384

“LIFE’S TOO SHORT is the perfect book to add to your beach bags this summer, as are all of of this author’s books.”

~ Under the Covers

Over the past few years, Abby Jimenez has become a go to author for contemporary romances that dig deep and bring out emotions. LIFE’S TOO SHORT was another great example of that. And in fact, I may have liked it more than previous books in this series. Possibly.

Vanessa is a successful vlogger and her motto has been to live life at the fullest.  Why? Because her mom had a fatal genetic condition and since Vanessa has seen some signs, she suspects that she does as well. She’s spent a lot of time coming to terms with that fact and trying to take care of what’s left of her family as best as she can without making any new attachments. But the sexy lawyer that lives next door makes that hard. From a friendly relationship to the natural progression things take, Vanessa has a lot to deal with to be able to have her happy ever after.

This was a breeze to read. We have great family relationship, friendships and an adorable love interest. The connection between our main characters was instant and natural. Not insta lovey, but just genuine like for each other as people first. They are perfectly compatible and were so much fun to read about. I also really enjoyed seeing the heroine’s career as a vlogger, her connection with her fans and how vulnerable she was with them.

While I would’ve given this book an even higher rating, at times with Ms. Jimenez books I feel the endings are bit too contrived. There’s this deep dark cloud over our characters throughout a whole book and I would like to see that explored in a bit more relatable and realistic way. Does that mean things can’t turn out roses for some people? Absolutely not. But I find going the route of best case scenarios can be an easy out when writing a story about subjects like these. In that sense, I found the ending a bit disappointing.

Nevertheless, it won’t hold me back from reading more books from this author. LIFE’S TOO SHORT is the perfect book to add to your beach bags this summer, as are all of of this author’s books.

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About Abby Jimenez

Abby Jimenez is a Food Network champion, motivational speaker, and contemporary romance novelist living in Minnesota. She founded Nadia Cakes out of her home kitchen back in 2007. The bakery has since gone on to win numerous Food Network competitions and has amassed an international cult following. Abby's wry literary wit was spotlighted as the admin behind the hilarious viral comments on the now famous Nadia Cakes Vageode ® cake.

Abby loves a good romance, coffee, doglets, and not leaving the house. Her debut novel, The Friend Zone, is scheduled for release June 2019.

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