LICK made me laugh, broke my heart and even made me swoon. Those are signs of a great book. ~ Under the Covers

LICK is the first in a brand new series by Kylie Scott. It features the guitarist from a band called Stage Dive and a twenty-one year old woman named Evelyn Thomas. Ev wakes up in Las Vegas after one particularly crazy night of partying to find that she is majorly hangover and sporting a ring on her finger. The man helping her not puke on herself is her husband. And a rockstar. How lovely.

Things take a dive before anything can get better. Ev freaks out and immediately wants a divorce because she can’t remember a single thing about the night before. David allows it because he is hurt that she can’t remember a single thing about their special night together. As the media gets involve, Ev and David’s feel the pressure until they decide to get away and figure this out on their own.

What I loved about this book is the focus on communication between the hero and heroine. They are smart people because they handle the situation well despite its disastrous outcome. While the big conflict involves miscommunication, this didn’t bother me as much as it would have if say, David and Ev didn’t make an effort to talk about their whole ordeal before. I found that I could understand David’s reasoning for doing what he did and it also explained a lot of his earlier actions as well. His grovelling in the end made up for it. Who doesn’t like a rockstar god on their knees?

Another great thing about this book is Ev and her hilarious POV. LICK is a fairly quick read because of that. Readers get swept up in the moment and soon they find themselves flipping that last page. This book made me laugh, broke my heart and even made me swoon. Those are signs of a great book.

I do think that some of the scenes felt a little rushed. I would have loved to have them more detailed and drawn out, but like I said, it’s a very quick read.

There is one character in particular that stood out for me though. Mal may steal the show for a few readers. His presence is always so full of life. It makes him so endearing. I cannot wait to read his book!

Favorite Quote:

They’re love songs, baby. Love isn’t always smooth or straightforward. It can be messy and painful,” he said. “Doesn’t mean it isn’t still the most incredible thing that can ever happen to you. Doesn’t mean I’m not crazy about you.”

*ARC provided by Netgalley

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  1. My favorite fictional rockstar so far is Brian Sinclair from Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning.

  2. There’s just something about this book that makes me want to read it immediately. I can’t really explain it. Your review just solidified my internal snap decision.
    As far as favorite fictional rockstar…While I do love Brian Sinclair as well, I’ve gotta go with Shades from Kendall Grey’s Strings. He goes through an aweful lot to be with the woman he loves. The fave could easily change once the drummer books are released for both series. I’ve always had a thing for drummers

  3. What a wonderful quote! 🙂
    David – you got me on quote 😉 – already I love him,although I haven’t yet read this book :D,but I definitely would read 🙂

    Great review Ann 🙂