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“This book suffered from an insecure heroine, who is TSTL, and way too much sex!” ~ Under the Covers

Where do I start.  I read the first book in this series, which is about the same couple as this short story.  I already had issues with their relationship back in that book.  And then we get this.  This book suffered from an insecure heroine, who is TSTL, and way too much sex!  There I said it.  There is something as too much sex when it’s apparently overtaking the story.  And this story could’ve had potential, I just think the heroine hasn’t shown a whole lot of growth from where she came from in book 1.

Daisy was all about wanting friends this time.  She was so focused on that that she made such silly mistakes and put her life in jeopardy.  Wouldn’t listen to anyone and thought she knew better.  She got on my nerves.  She has Nick who is determined to give her everything she wants, and maybe that’s gotten her spoiled?

I really wish the side story about the deaths Nick was helping solve so they wouldn’t be pinned on him should’ve been developed more.  That would’ve made this story exciting!  Nevertheless, I hope we get to see more from the cop that’s entered their lives.

At this point, I’m not quite sure how I feel about the series.  I love the premise of the hired assassins finding a happily ever after and redeeming themselves.  I’m just not sure this is the right series for me.

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