“Much like the previous book, Below the Belt, Halston delivered a good storyline.”
~ Under the Covers

Violet, Cain, and Jeremy have been childhood friends but since Jeremy had passed away, their friendship have never been the same. Sure, they kept in touch but there was always some kind of gap. This time, after coming back from a dangerous mission, Cain can’t stay away from Violet any longer. As much as he wants to deny his feelings and avoid the attraction between them, he can’t. And if he doesn’t act quickly, he can lose her forever.

I enjoyed Sidney Halston’s fourth installment of Worth the Fight series. Much like the previous book, Below the Belt, Halston delivered a good storyline. And wow, Ms. Halston knows how to make a hot read. With a mixture of military, MMA, tattoos and prince albert, it’s too hard to say otherwise. Also, I have to mention that Laid Out has the Sweetest First Kiss I’ve read in a long while.

Unfortunately, this book is not my fave. I’m afraid the angst was a bit much for my liking. Cain kept sending mixed signals and the games he played was a bit much. I didn’t like that guilt controlled the outcome of their friendship or relationship. I do have to admit that the game they played was a perfect build up and a good foreplay.

Overall story was good and I liked Ms. Halston’s writing. So, yes, I will continue to read this series though I’m hoping for a little less angst for the next book.






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  1. I don’t like when guilt has that effect on a relationship. This happened in another series and every time there is a scene with this couple I just skip it…the relationship has a weak foundation because of that guilt