Knight Avenged was overall fast paced, action packed and plenty romantic.” ~ Under the Covers

Seems like I waited a long time for this book; I have forgotten a lot about this world that I had to review the previous book. So it was a slow start for me only because it took me a while to get reacquainted with the characters. With that mishap to the side, Knight Avenged was overall fast paced, action packed and plenty romantic.

I love Henrik and Cosmina. I was in awe with both their dedication to their beliefs and causes. Cosmina, the Oracle is more a warrior than an oracle. I love her aggressive warrior behavior; it was inspiring and sometimes she was hardheaded but still inspiring. She was not deterred from her duties, and I have to say, I thought she was pretty kick ass. Henrik and Cosmina were perfect for each other despite coming from the different sides of the spectrum. Their past experiences somehow connected them. It was romantic that Henrik let her be who she is yet, always on the ready to rescue her and the man is hot!!! Ah, Henrik is totally swoon worthy.

The Circle of Seven’s enemy, Halal, joining forces with the Prince of Shadows was totally unexpected.  And the union was intense.  As evil as they are, I’m afraid our boys have not heard the last of Armand and the Al Pacii aka Druinguaris. I have a feeling they will come back with a vengeance. On the brighter end of things, it was wonderful to see the rest of the guys. We certainly got more scenes focusing on who they are. We saw what their powers are and that they are starting to hone them well. I’m most intrigued with Tareek, Razvan and especially Cristobal. There was a bit of setup for Cristobal and Nairobi. Cristobal is definitely fascinating with his powers and new hellhound friends. I’m curious to see where Ms. Callahan will take that part of the story.

Though Ms. Callahan’s other series, Dragonfury, is, in fact, a different series and centuries apart, I cannot help to think that there is a connection between the two worlds. It was recently said that there may be a chance that the worlds will somehow collide. Ultimately, we will find out what and why the Dragonfury is cursed and possibly where they originated. Now, that information excites the heck out me. Having these two worlds in the same pages will be such a treat.

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