ARC Review: Killing Time by Cindy Gerard

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ARC Review: Killing Time by Cindy Gerard
Killing Time
Book Info

Released: January 29, 2013
Series: One-Eyed Jacks #1
Pages: 384


Gerard not only took me on a wild ride of my life, but she also introduced me to my future book boyfriends, made me laugh and suck in shocked gasps, and of course, made me fall in love. ~ Under the Covers

Cindy Gerard is a premier author of this genre. Each book she writes is better than the last. I shall try to refrain from fangirling so much but I only have so much restraint. KILLING TIME exceeded my expectations (and they were quite high). Mike “Primetime” Brown was introduced in the BOI series and made a definite impression, making me very eager to read this new series, the One-Eyed Jacks. Gerard’ s setup for this series is spectacularly planned. Even as she is weaving together a romance between Eva and Mike and riddling readers with action-packed scenes, she is still building towards the greater goal of introducing the One-Eyed Jacks as individuals and not just as a team.

Gerard starts KILLING TIME with an explosive start. The first chapter infuses sexual tension (and frustration) with exotic locales and a little spark of forbidden danger. It works so well in capturing reader’s attention that they are helpless but to dive right in.

Eve Salinas is a CIA attorney with the intent of exacting revenge. Eight years ago, her husband Ramon was killed in the same event that caused Mike to lose his team. As Eva corners Mike, a not-so-simple back-and-forth ensues. What I love about Gerard and her writing is that she is so good at writing male POVs. She has the unique talent that I don’t think a lot of female writers have of getting inside a male character’s head and simply letting those unfiltered thoughts through. I love that she lets the sarcastic humor rip through the pages. In dire times, it definitely lightens the mood and keeps readers invested in the characters as well.

The one thing I should note is that while I liked Eva, I wasn’t completely enthralled by her either. I enjoyed seeing her strength and determination, but I don’t think she is my favorite heroine that Gerard has introduced us too. That honor still goes to Jenna.

Speaking of Jenna…Gabe Jones has some great page time in this book and I simply fell in love with him all over again. SHOW NO MERCY is my favorite book by Gerard and revisiting the Archangel was great for me as a reader. I love how Gerard was so readily able to go back to the BOI and not have it feel forced. Together, the guys really make for a great time.

Then there is Cooper and Taggart who made a good impression on me. Gerard creates this brotherhood between the guys so well that even though there’s bad blood between them, you know that they have each other’s backs no matter what. It melts my little heart when I see loyalty like that in anything.

In this opening installment to the One-Eyed-Jacks, Gerard not only took me on a wild ride of my life, but she also introduced me to my future book boyfriends, made me laugh and suck in shocked gasps, and of course, made me fall in love.


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About Cindy Gerard

Cindy's writing has netted her spots on bestseller lists, numerous RT nominations and awards, the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, a National Reader's Choice Award and two RITA nominations.

Between writing and working full time you wouldn't think Cindy would have much time for anything else. And while she does find her work and her writing rewarding, there does have to be more. Cindy has more. Much more. She is happily married to the perfect man. Tom's a cowboy, ladies!

Yes, even Iowa has its share of that saddle-straddling, Wrangler-wearing species who love their horses almost as much as they love their women. As a matter of fact, recently a whole herd of Texans gathered at the Gerard "Ranch" to treat their little ones to real horseback rides. Go figure.

Cindy has a passion for pink depression glass — she always has her eye out for the special piece to add to her collection. Cindy's down time often takes the form of the classic "busman's holiday." She loves to read and most of all, she loves to read at their summer place, a cabin in the woods on Lake Kabetogama in northern Minnesota.

Both Tom and Cindy enjoy gardening and have recently expanded their annual beds into a perennial garden. Cindy says she can hardly wait for spring and the promise of all that reawakening and the colorful blooms.

In addition to the horses, the Gerards have two dogs, Ellie and Boomer, who pretty much get anything they want. Tom and Cindy have one son, Kyle, who, after years of keeping them in suspense, found Eileen, the perfect woman.


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  1. Some times I don’t click with the hero or heroine either and it’s not that they’ve actually done anything to cause it. Sounds good. Thanks for sharing.

  2. First time I see this series, sounds promising!
    Looking forward to read, is always good to find books from new author for you,who will succeed with their stories surprise you 🙂

    Thanks for the great review Ann! 🙂

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