“With action, mystery and sexy males in between, Kept will have you on a whirlwind of emotions.” ~Under the Covers

Natalya Stravinsky isn’t your average werewolf.  Having OCD and an obsession with shiny Christmas ornaments can definitely help a gal out.  But after being kicked out of the South Toms River Pack, Natalya will do anything to rejoin her pack and gain some honor to her family name but her plans are cut short when her father suddenly disappears.

Being her parent’s older child Natalya takes full responsibility by taking matters in to her own hands and sets out to find her father.  Only problem is she’s in way over her head and to make matters worse, her sexy Alpha ex-boyfriend, Thorn decides to help her on her mission.  Too bad there aren’t enough shiny Christmas ornaments in the world that can help her get over him and the fact that he’s engaged to be married.

After getting attacked on numerous occasions and almost dying more than once Natalya finds herself dealing with way more than she bargained for but it didn’t matter as long as her father was safe, even if it meant learning the truth about him.

I couldn’t help but root for Natalya in every situation she encountered.  I felt myself getting frustrated with her because she tried so hard to fight the wolf that wanted to take control and I just kept yelling “Let the wolf take over!”  I knew deep down that Natalya had an Alpha wolf in her, yet she kept acting like a submissive. Every time she’d conquer an obstacle I’d find myself excited only to have my celebration cut short because of her submissive ways, yet Natalya kept surprising me with her will to just survive and be part of her family. It was great to see the underdog get her day.

With action, mystery and sexy males in between, Kept will have you on a whirlwind of emotions.

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. This – “Having OCD and an obsession with shiny Christmas ornaments ” – is what really makes me want to read the book. I love it when you can have some humor mixed in with the action/drama. 🙂

  2. I read this book, without realizing it was asceond of a series. Gave it the same rating. I enjoyed the OCD of the heroine and the love triange–I just wanted something a bit more steamier in the smexin–theare ARE weres, lol.
    Great honest review!