KEPT BY SEDUCTION is a book that I randomly stumbled upon. But I am so glad I did. Blending together the paranormal fantasy world and the erotic and you’ve got this book by Jaymie Holland aka Cheyenne McCray. Awai Steele has had a brutal past with a brutal husband. Now, free from him, Awai is getting her life in order again. She pledged that she would never let another man dominate her. Now she is a Dominatrix herself, a woman who bows to no man.

That is until she meets King Ty, the King of Clubs. Ty takes her back to his palace after realizes that she is to be his Queen. However, Awai doesn’t wish to submit to a man who demands it. It becomes a game of how Ty will break Awai so that she will learn to trust that he won’t hurt her.

This being my first book by Holland, I have to say that I enjoyed her writing. I was sucked into the world that she created with the cards and the fantasy land. But perhaps the most notable aspect of this book is the sexiness. Holland puts the sizzle in sexy with KEPT BY SEDUCTION! I only wish it were longer!

*ARC provided by publisher

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