“This is a very short book, only 77 pages, but it really packs a punch for it’s size.” ~Under the Covers

This is the story after the “Happily Ever After” of the first book in the series “Losing It”. Now if you haven’t read that one, please turn away now. There is no way for me to review this without giving away the entire ending of the first book. Are they gone? ::looking all the way to the back of the room:: Ok, I think we’re alone now. We join our hero and heroine a year after the first book ends. Bliss and Garrick have survived in secret until the end of the school year when he was able to resign as Professor, and she was able to graduate without anyone (well, not including her friends of course) being any the wiser to their relationship.

They both have part time jobs leaving them time to audition and take parts in small plays while awaiting their big break. Garrick feels that since they plan on getting married within the next few months, that it is finally time that she “meets the parents”, so they travel to London to remedy the situation. I don’t know who is more nervous, him knowing what a barracuda his Mom is or her being fearful of not being liked by either of them. Now Garrick has been tight lipped about his upbringing, never revealing that he came from money, and to quote himself, he was “a right prick” before moving to America and becoming the man that she loves.

This is a very short book, only 77 pages, but it really packs a punch for it’s size. This book is not without drama and is a must for anyone who read “Losing It” to see how their story continues. I enjoyed it immensely, and was welcomed right back into their story as if I had never left. Unlike the first book, this one is told in alternating first person accounts, exactly like she did with “Faking It”, the second story in the series that’s about Bliss’s friend Cade, and his adventures in “It”ing it. I look forward to the next book in the series “Finding It”, which gives her best friend Kelsey a chance at “It”ing it. I did get a small taste of it in this ARC and am looking forward to it’s release in October.

Cora Carmack has a wonderful writing style that had me laughing out loud in one chapter, and tearing up in the other. I am officially a fan girl and just hope to get the opportunity to meet her one day and thank her for her delightful stories.

*ARC provided by publisher

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