ARC Review: Jane’s Harmony by Ryan Winfield

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ARC Review: Jane’s Harmony by Ryan Winfield
Jane's Harmony
Book Info

Released: August 5th 2014
Series: Jane's Melody #2
Pages: 352


Their story is sweet, heartfelt and definitely romantic.” ~ Under the Covers

After reading Janes Melody, getting to this book was just a must. I needed to read more of Jane and Caleb’s journey to their happy-ever-after. Winfield did a wonderful job giving this couple what they truly deserved. Their story is sweet, heartfelt and definitely romantic.  If you haven’t read the first installment, Jane’s Melody yet, I would recommend reading that first. Though this can be a stand alone, you won’t want to miss how this couple got to this point of their lives. It truly is an uplifting story.

Jane’s Harmony takes off right after Jane’s Melody had ended. Jane had just given up everything to find Caleb and they had just found each other. It was such a risky move and I cringed at the thought but really, she had nothing to lose and only to gain. Caleb accepted her with open arms, of course. It didn’t take long for them to get reacquainted, but this time it’s living in Caleb’s world.

As with any relationship, it will take its course to get to the next level. Where Caleb didn’t care before, he now cares for what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Not only that he wants to be with Jane, he wants to be a better man for her. He wants to provide and definitely start a family. With Jane’s support, Caleb will have to try to live out his dream to be an artist. He enters a singing contest hoping for a career in the industry. Win or not, the question is, can their relationship handle the fame? Trust will be their biggest battle.

It wasn’t an easy journey for Caleb and Jane. They did go through hardships but through it, you had a sense of assurance that despite the temptations around them, their love is rock solid. I am amazed with Jane, she is one confident lady. Her trust in Caleb was unrelenting. Despite outside issues that could easily ruin their relationship, she continued to trust and support him. And while Caleb was away, she stayed behind and worked on getting her life back on track. Truly an amazing woman.

I enjoyed this book just as much as Jane’s Harmony. We get more of Caleb’s POV and hearing his voice was such a delight. He is loveable, very honest, and a true gentleman, not to forget he is hot has hell. The hint of “rock star” theme to the book made him even sexier. Winfield was not shy to give the same amount of steam in this book as Jane’s Harmony. I can’t help imagining Caleb as Maroon Five’s Adam Levine. I thought it was fitting especially with the reality music/game show. I almost wish there was more to thier story.  But alas, they get thier HEA and that’s where it will stay.

As far as I know, Jane’s Melody is the end of Jane and Caleb’s story. Per Goodreads, there is a third installment of this series but I don’t think it’s about Jane and Caleb. I believe Windfield is currently working on a standalone. I’m hoping for another romance. I will be on the look out for this author’s upcoming work for sure.

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  1. This a new to me series Angela, I have not heard of it before now. Interesting, I’m curious about reading a romance written by opposite sex 🙂
    Thank you, I have to check the first book out.

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