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ARC Review: Jaded by Anne Calhoun
Book Info

Released: Feb. 4, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 304

Emotion-fused sex scenes make for a believable and timeless romance. ~ Under the Covers

In the third instalment to the Walkers Ford series, Anne Calhoun features a hot cop and a sweet librarian. When Lucas Ridgeway returns to Walkers Ford, South Dakota for work, he wants to remain completely focus on the job without any distractions. However, temptation comes in the way of an intelligent and sweet woman named Alana Wentworth.

This Contemporary Romance series feels unique to me in that it doesn’t have the usual cutesy/fun/flirty humor that a lot of well-loved series have. But at the same time, it’s still very much engaging and well-written. The small-town vibe is just explored in a different way. The past books have some angst in them and although this latest serving follows along the same tone as the others, it’s not as dark I don’t think.

By far the most engaging part of this book is the romance. Calhoun really takes her time chipping at the surface and discovering what’s underneath her character’s skin. You come to understand the ins and outs of the relationship as well as become invested in it as well.

At the beginning, I did think it was a little slow, especially reading from Alana’s perspective. However, when Lucas and Alana are together, something explosive happens and I think that’s really where Calhoun was able to have fun with her characters.

Though not my favourite of the series, Calhoun rocks this romance like all her others in the past. Emotion-fused sex scenes make for a believable and timeless romance.

*ARC provided by publisher

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