“With Into the Shadows she has crafted a book that was emotionally intense, full of action and hot as hell.” ~ Under the Covers

Thorne has given up everything he has to continue his undercover mission for the Associates, even if all he had was Nadia, the Party Princess whom he loves fiercely and was blissfully happy with for a brief span two years ago. Even if she only thought of him as a low life thug and someone she could use to play out her fantasies with, he loves her anyway. But, he never expected his life would bring her back in his path and he never wanted it to as with him he only brings danger and death. Nadia’s heart was broken when Thorne left her, especially as she pregnant with his child, a child she never got to tell him about before he left. Now he is back, but can she really take the risk on Thorne again and potentially not just lose her own heart again but her sons as well?

Wow. I loved this book! This is one of my best books of the year and has reminded me why Carolyn Crane is one of my favourite authors. With Into the Shadows she has crafted a book that was emotionally intense, full of action and hot as hell. Plus, look at that cover! This is definitely my favourite installment so far of The Associates series.

What always sets Carolyn Crane apart is her style; the way she puts a little twist in everything she does or takes a slightly different view on something tried and tested to create something uniquely hers. In The Associates series each agent has a talent that sets them apart, from logistics to linguistics, it hardly makes them sound like badasses but Crane twists it and turns it into something exciting, sexy and new. In Into the Shadows the hero, Thorne, is an expert fighter and styles himself after Bruce Lee and damn, Thorne was hot, not just because he was all tattooed and muscled, but because he had this brutal, honest intensity about him. You feel his personality shouting out from the page and it made me want to climb into the book and snuggle the crap outta him.

“I’m the brute and the asshole who will never deserve you, but I’ll always protect you. They could destroy me within an inch of my life and I’ll still lay waste to heaven and hell to help you.”

If you like your books with a fair bit of action in them as well, then there is a few heists and a couple of gun fights that keeps the excitement flowing. This book does an excellent job of keeping the tension up, as you struggle to see how Thorne and Nadia could possibly be together and still keep themselves alive. What I mainly read this for though was the romance, which ticked all my boxes, it was passionate, it was emotional and it was sexually charged. Nadia and Thorne led us on an emotional journey and I loved every second. And I couldn’t resist adding my favourite quote of the book, which I think shows you perfectly the intensity of their romance:

He thought she was out of his system, but even now he could feel himself turning back into the lovehating brute she liked him to be. His lovehate made a wound in him. His lovehate for her was a prison and a heaven.

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