Intense, original and extremely sexy!  That’s what you can expect to find in Jory Strong’s new novel, Inked Magic.  It captured my interest from the beginning and held it throughout the entire book.

Etain has a most unique ability.  She can read skin, she can feel what others are feeling when she touches them and she can also see into their past.  She’s never known that she was part of a supernatural group, or how to control her ability, until her talents are sought out by Cathal Dunne to help figure out what happened to two girls in his family.  One dead, one lost in her own mind.

By getting involved with Cathal, she meets Eamon, elf Lord who sees her and decides to take her as his mate.  His main purpose is to keep her safe, of course while seducing her.  Cathal on the other hand has to seduce her to get her to help him.  But from the beginning it’s more than that for him as well.  Two very strong, very powerful alpha males vying for her attention.  And it can’t hurt that Eamon is not opposed to the idea of sharing her when he sees that her magic has a pull towards Cathal.

But things might get a bit more complicated when a serial killer that she is helping the police identify targets her as his next victim.

Etain is a strong and likeable heroine.  Badass, tattoo artist, short skirt wearing, motorcycle riding chick.  What’s not to like?  And I can only say that I didn’t have a favorite when it came to the heroes of this story.  Both Cathal and Eamon are amazing in their own way.  Eamon with his blonde hair and tenderness towards her.  Cathal with, well, animal magnetism.  Good thing she gets to keep both because I couldn’t choose.

I feel the ending might’ve been a bit rushed and that’s the reason why this was not a 5 star read for me.  There were some loose ends with how their relationship would work in my opinion and I have plenty of questions about the world that I can’t wait to get answered in the next book.  I a definitely looking forward to reading more from this author.

*ARC provided by publisher

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