Sera Sinclaire needs a holiday between a crazy ex husband who can’t let her go and a town of over protective dominant werewolves she feels smothered. But, Sera is a the last of a dying breed, a coyote and a submissive one, but Sera isn’t the only one who needs to get away Julio Mendoza, a very dominant wolf on the council needs to escape from his responsibilities before they swallow him up. Together they take a road trip and the initial attraction flares into something more, but a submissive coyote who values her hard earned independence be able to stay with a wolf as dominant as Julio…Before I start this review, I should warn you that I haven’t actually read the previous four books in this series, something that I think you really need to do before starting this, although it makes sense I didn’t always understand who the people or the events that we’re referenced and it did make it a I confusing; this doesn’t read as a standalone very well.

Apart from the fact that I hadn’t read the previous books, the main problem I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I wanted was because I didn’t feel a connection with the maim characters and I didn’t feel the connection they had with one another either, they seemed to get to the I-love-yous too quickly for me to really buy it.

But it did sound like there was an interesting story arc going through these books, I didn’t really always understand what was going on, but it made me curious enough to get the first book for my kindle and find out.

Although this book was okay, I think it would have been much better for me to have read it after reading the others, maybe the characters had built a rapport in the previous books that I missed, but as a stand alone I wouldn’t recommend it, but I may give this series a try.

*ARC provided by author

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