“It was cute and a very easy and fast read.” ~Under the Covers

After a few good books in this series, I thought really we were back on track.  And by back on track I mean fun, light and sexy. IMMORTAL EVER AFTER was all of those, but a somewhat watered down version of what I was expecting.

Valerie is a human who was kidnapped by a rogue vampire, kept in cages along with other women for him to feed on, and who recently managed to escape and alert the authorities.  In doing so, she alerted Lucian and his enforcers.  When they come for cleanup, tough enforcer Anders realizes she’s his life mate.  Instead of wiping her memory, Lucian brings her to his home to spend time with Anders and see if they can make it work.  Meanwhile, the rogue is still running rampant and trying to get his women back.

First, if you are scared about that big number in the series (#18) don’t worry.  This can be read as a standalone pretty good.  There’s somewhat of a disconnect from the rest of the series and only a few cameos by favorites.  The one couple that plays a big role are Lucian and Leigh.  Leigh was a source of comic relief, especially since she’s pregnant and playing matchmaker.  That is a job much better done by Marguerite.

Anders is a sexy and tough alpha who succumbs sweetly to the joys of meeting his life mate.  Valerie has an instant attraction to him, which felt like more of a crush at first, but it slowly developed into more.  I think the chemistry between these two was great and they were definitely a cute and enjoyable couple.  My favorite part was Valerie calling Anders ‘Semmy’. 😉

I am starting to feel that maybe this series needs something to shake it up a little bit so that the stories don’t start blending in.  But other than that it was cute and a very easy and fast read.

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. This series jumped the shark for me many books ago. I still read them since I get them free from the library, and as you mention, they are quick, light reads.