“Who wants realism when you can have a sexy blue alien catering to all your whims, sexual and otherwise?”

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Georgie has woken up in an alien aircraft, crammed into a cage with a group of other women. Judging from the cruel treatment Georgie and her fellow captives have received at the hands of their alien captors they must be on their way to a new and horrifying destination. But, when the craft crashes on an alien planet they find themselves freed, the only issue…surviving on the icy new planet, especially when they come into contact with the natives; blue 7ft tall horned aliens.

I’ve reviewed this book before, but Ruby Dixon has now revised and released the first book in her Ice Planet Barbarian series. It is the perfect excuse, if an excuse is needed, to pick it up and reread it (again, I reread this series a lot.) So, when reading this review you should know this is in no way an objective look at these books, because I already absolutely adore them.

This book starts our trek into the world of the Sa’Khui, the blue, 7ft tall horned aliens I mentioned in the synopsis. They look savage but are basically big blue teddy bears; they have no concept of “murder” or “rape” or other nasty things as it just doesn’t happen where they come from. Their mixture of fierceness, innocence and big ol’ muscles is irresistible. And Vektal, the hero of this book is their clan chief.

Now, Georgie, our heroine. I sometimes wonder about her reactions to things, but then again I’ve never been kidnapped by bad aliens to be sold into slavery, crash landed on an alien ice planet in my pyjamas and then had another species of alien wake me up by giving me the best tongue lashing of my life and then being intent on fulfilling my every need and desire. Who the hell knows how I would react? But, for the purposes of the book and moving along the story I really like that Georgie seemed to take it in her stride and not spend too much time agonising over everything. I’m not going to poke holes into the realism of that.

Who wants realism when you can have a sexy blue alien catering to all your whims, sexual and otherwise? Because that’s what I love about this book, and all the books in this series, the adorable and yet red hot romances between the human women and their Sa’Khui mates. Georgie and Vektal are lovely together and, as always it was a joy to see it unfold.

I’m going to be honest although this book has been revised I couldn’t tell you what has changed – apart from the gorgeous new cover. I was planning to do a more forensic reread of it so I could highlight the differences but once I got started I just got sucked in and forgot all about it. So, if you want to reread the new edition because you think something has been majorly altered there’s no need. However, I always recommend rereading this series, it’s an absolute delight.  

Just as a trigger warning, this is probably the darkest of the books as it actually shows you (but not explicitly) what happened to the women. You experience the ladies terror and the harsh treatment they received from their kidnappers. Not to trivialise the experience but in the latter half of the book it “lightens up” and the rest of the series doesn’t contain that same horror.


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