“Ryon won me over from the start.” ~Under the Covers

What’s better than shifters, you ask?  Shifters with special psychic powers!  The ALPHA PACK series is one of my favorite shifter romances.  With the best set of heroes around, that I continually drool over, and amazing stories where their psychic abilities are just as essential as the need to turn furry.

In HUNTER’S HEART we get Ryon’s story.  Ryon Hunter is the member of the Alpha Pack who can see ghosts.  The dead have always been attracted to him, and that’s something that slowly takes a toll on him.

I loved the fact that his heroine is a human with a psychic ability and she’s already dedicated her life to work with wolves.  The real kind.  But aside from how compatible she is with Ryon, she’s also a strong heroine.  The kind of strong that wants to fight but is smarter than to go into something unprepared or get involved in what she doesn’t know.  I LOVE that!  Why?  Because I’ve read one too many dumb heroines that think they should be allowed to do anything they want even when their choices are dumb and will get them and everyone else in danger.

That being said, this book starts to dig a bit into the Alpha Pack origins, the kidnappings of some of their members and what’s really behind all this.  Someone is out there creating monsters and super soldiers, while ruining lives.  And one of those lives is the one that the Alpha Pack will have to try to help get back to normal.  And it hits a bit close to home for Daria.

Ryon won me over from the start.  Once he recognized his mate, he was a complete gentleman.  He wanted to woe her and let her fall in love, even though their mating didn’t follow regular protocol.  Very alpha and sexy but extremely sweet.

I am so happy that we got some glimpses of Blue and Kalen.  I love the men in this series and I don’t care if they’re mated I need to see them!  I’m anxiously awaiting anything that we can get about Blue and hoping to read his book soon.  Him and Hammer are the ones I’m most looking forward to.

But before that happens, I’m sure something has to happen with Nick.  He felt a bit more down to earth in this book.  A little more human instead of the cold he usually puts as a front.  And especially with the ending of the book, we know we will be seeing more of him soon.  I know I can’t wait already!

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  1. I’m glad this was a good one. I just got the first book in the series (finally) because I was intrigued after the big promo for this one.