“Hunted by a Jaguar was a fast paced read. It was sweet and romantic yet action packed. ” ~ Under the Covers

Iolanthe and Kyter are after the same artifact. Both are doing it for entirely different reasons. Not an easy task but Iolanthe and Kyter are the best with what they do and with dire motivation, failure is not an option. Heaton packs this story with plenty of adventure. It was unexpected and a pleasant surprise.

Kyter is a half Breed Jaguar but has been living apart from his mother’s pack from quite some time. His past was not a good one, but I love that he’s made something for himself. With recent sad events, he is forced to go back leading him to seek revenge. I love that he is fierce but also has many vulnerabilities. His tactics, to win Iolanthe’s heart, was done with careful planning, and he simply followed through. The man knows how to court a woman.

At first I could not tell what type of creature Iolanthe is. Immortal for quite some time, Iolanthe is both knowledgeable and ignorant about the world. I thought her cute when she tried to familiarize herself with Kyter’s world. She is one of those go getters, and I am always in awe with that kind of strength and independence on a girl. It was adorable how she let Kyter have his way and attempt to protect her. But Iolanthe is something else. Well, both of them are something else. Wait til you see their untapped powers. Thier lineage is impressive!

Hunted by a Jaguar was a fast paced read. It was sweet and romantic yet action packed. It also felt like it had more adventure compared to the prior books in this series. It had Kresley Cole’s IAD series feel to it. Although, Hunted By A Jaguar is closely related to one of my favorite characters from this series, I would’ve loved to read more about the couples from the previous books.

*ARC provided by author

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  1. thanks for the review, Angela! Glad you’re continuing to enjoy the series. Don’t worry, that certain character everyone is clamouring for will get his neck caught in a mating-noose soon enough (and maybe prove himself wrong about turning into a crazy sob when the mating urge hits him) and you’ll also get to catch up with the other characters in the series in Taken by a Dragon (#7, out in March).