“Ms. Cutler did a magnificent job with this third installment of the series…it is the best of the three by far.” ~ Under the Covers

I was so excited to finally read more of the Sorentino sisters. Jenna Sorentino is the last sister to finally get her happy-ever-after. Ms. Cutler did a magnificent job with this third installment of the series. Actually, it is the best of the three by far.

If you read the previous books, you know that Matt avoided Jenna like a plague. I had no idea why he was so uptight when it comes to her. His reasons why took me by surprise. At thirty-three years old, Matt is successful in his career but not so much when it comes to relationships. Matt has always wanted a lot more than what any woman can give. Unfortunately, this has left him jaded.

Jenna the youngest of the Sorentino sisters certainly grew up faster than anyone. Having a baby at such a young age changed her from the wild party girl to a very responsible woman. So much of her life is out in the open yet there are things not even her sisters know. In this book, everything about Jenna will be outed for everyone to see. And as her past comes back to haunt her, the town will get an awaking of their own.

There was not a dull moment in this book. I loved delving into the town’s intrigues and of course Matt and Jenna’s story. They are perfect for each other. I actually didn’t think so before, but Cutler did a great job matching them up. I love that they couldn’t get keep their hands off each other, and I have to tell you, these two were pretty damn hot. Who would’ve thought Matt was romantic and what surprised me is that he is a dirty talker. You know what they say about the quiet ones. =)

I’m not sure what the plans are for this series and I’m hoping there will be more. I think Cutler can go in so many directions and maybe add a spinoff to this small town read. Jake for one; I am dying to read more of. He will come to Catcher Creek for one of the sister’s wedding. He has a rough, tough and very sexy vibe going on. This city cop has a lot to offer this small town, but he may have his heart set to go to Matt’s home town of Santa Fe. Like I said…Maybe a spin off.

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  1. i won the 2nd book in this series from utc and really enjoyed it…i have been wanting to read about jenna…thanks angela