“What I enjoyed the most was watching the relationship between the three develop.” ~Under the Covers

I don’t exactly know where to begin with this review so I guess I’ll just rip the bandage off.  This is, by no means, your typical boy meets girl love story… it’s more of a girl meets boy who already has a boy and wants to add a girl to a long term boy-boy arrangement.  Jules is a photographer and runs a small art studio/gallery in California, and when her model backs out at the last possible moment, she is presented with another opportunity when her attractive neighbor brings her mail that was miss-delivered. Hmmmm, Mike is VERY attractive so why shouldn’t she ask him to pose.  Now Mike is in a relationship with his roommate Carlos, and the two do enjoy the companionship of a woman, but it never seems to last more than a few months.  What they really want is something more for the long haul and if they take baby steps, they have a feeling that Jules might be just what they were looking for.  Jules admits that she loves sex and due to her messed up past, has no intention of every settling down.  Maybe Mike and Carlos are just what her battered heart needed to begin to mend.

What I enjoyed the most was watching the relationship between the three develop.  I am always curious to see how an author approaches a ménage type situation, and this one did not disappoint me.  Yes, there is sex in this book. Lots and lots of sex. (M/M, M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F) Hot, steamy, sticky, the kind you can’t tell your momma about.  The m/m were both sensual and erotic, while still making it feel like these two were making love.  The way they looked into each other’s eyes, held hands… sigh… I was, ok they were, put through the emotional ringer and it’s up to you dear reader to see if they made it out the other side.  I don’t want to give anything away, but the tears will be worth it in the end if you just stick it out.  Kelly Jamieson has crafted a truly gritty, sexy and real story about one trio’s journey about teaching each other “How to love”.

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