Nothing Else Matters by Megan Hart – 3.5 Stars

This story was not so different from what I would’ve expected to see in a post-apocalyptic paranormal erotic story from Megan Hart.  Even in a short story, the romance is never simple.  I don’t want to spoil things and tell you what happens 🙂 just that I found this story was sexy but gruesome at the same time.  Megan’s zombies are pretty disgusting as they spread the “virus” by having spots on their faces explode.  If you breath those spores in then you turn into a zombie.  It’s almost a believable scenario.  Our heroine Lira is kick ass, she goes out looking for, hunting and killing zombies.  But she is also jaded.  I think through this story she does grow a little and starts “feeling” but there’s more ahead of her.  I am giving this a 3.5 because I was not as connected in all the “hunting for zombies” scenes and maybe wanted those to be shorter or less descriptive or maybe they should’ve included more people and interaction.  Overall I did enjoy the story.  It was dark and sexy.

“She spent her days with death; fucking made her feel alive.”

Pick Me Up by Lauren Hawkeye – 3 stars

Honestly this story was the spookiest of them all.  From beginning to end you don’t know if you are watching a train wreck of a girl with maybe mental problems who is a tad unstable and crazy but maybe finds love in the most unexpected of place, or if she’s just a crazy lunatic serial killer.  And I’m going to leave the story at that.  I really had no connection with the characters of this story, but I think the author did her job in pulling my emotions in all different directions and giving me goosepumps at the end.  This one was also the most erotic one of them all in my opinion.

Little Red’s Big Bad by Saranna DeWylde – 4 stars

Now this was my favorite story.  I liked the heroine from the get-go.  US Marshal Miranda Garrick has been working on the case of a serial killer who was supposed to be behind bars.  But he’s escaped and he’s made it known that he’s got it bad for her.  Rumor has it he’s a werewolf, and she’s his little red riding hood.  I loved the play on the fairytale!  Miranda was kick ass but vulnerable.  When she has to work with hunky FBI agent, Aden, sparks fly in a major way.  But he’s got more than one secret.  For a short story, this was incredibly engaging, intriguing and sensual.  There’s a bad guy, a great story, some mystery, some action, and plenty of *waggles eyebrows* hot stuff happening.  I will be checking out the rest of Ms. DeWylde’s work.  I’ve been meaning to from before and this just convinced me I HAVE TO.

Excerpts included from The Forbidden Lady by Kerrelyn Sparks and Turn to Darkness by Jaime Rush

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. Hope you enjoy it! Anthologies are always hard and this was not an exception because it’s hard to make someone connect in such a short time. But I find that “themed” ones usually are better for me and this was my first “halloween” themed (you could say) It was meant to be a little spooky with a dash of horror and plenty of hot. I think that’s what I got. And it’s a quick read.