” If you like a sweet, feel good and sexy sports romance then you won’t be disappointed with this one.” ~Under the Covers

HIP CHECK was my second read by this author and I’m glad I gave it a try.  I was drawn to the series because I was looking for another sport romance to get into and the last book in this series, which was the first I read, didn’t quite get me excited.  Maybe it was that the setting was pulled from New York, which is where the team plays, to Ireland.  Not sure.  But this one I really enjoyed.

Esa Saari is a young, carefree and a total playboy.  He likes it that way.  But things change when his sister back home dies and he is left as the guardian of her daughter.  Now he has a big lifestyle adjustment to go through.  But to help him deal with a kid while he’s working, he has to hire a nanny.

Michelle Beck has been working as a live in nanny for the rich and famous but is out of a job right now because she didn’t want to move out East with the last family she was working for.  This sounds like the perfect job for her.

I always love seeing the playboy fall for the good girl and in this case it was perfect.  Michelle used to be a teacher and now loves taking care of kids, but she’s tough and straight in her views.  She was good at putting Esa in his place but also nurturing and understanding of his feelings.  He’s also grieving the loss of his sister but not in a way that he can show people.  Michelle was the perfect piece for him to open up and even connect with his niece.

And then there’s the kid.  She was adorable, with her accent and how she started opening up to Michelle.

The romance between Esa and Michelle was slow to develop and started more as a friendship, then a partnership where the kid was involved and then it eased into more.  Although the attraction was always there and when they get together it definitely exploded.  If you like a sweet, feel good and sexy sports romance then you won’t be disappointed with this one.  And yes, the books in this series work well as standalones, so don’t be scared to dive right in.

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. This hockey fanatic is secretly hoping for some Irish hockey action in this one (I’ve had a bit of a fixation ever since the Belfast Giants’ Christmas video made the YouTube rounds a couple of years ago). Either way, sounds lovely!