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“YOU NEED TO GET THIS BOOK!  I devoured it, literally.  I couldn’t get enough of this story.  The characters, the bit of drama, the romance.  Acckkk!  I absolutely loved these two.” ~ Under the Covers

After reading some m/m scenes in the Killer Instincts series by Elle Kennedy (and holly wow!!!!) I HAD to jump on this one as soon as I saw it was happening.  I have never read anything by Sarina Bowen before (and that’s about to change) but I was intrigued to see the dynamic of Elle writing with her.  I am always intrigued to see in what ways an author’s voice can change a bit with every different story they write.

But let’s to the meat of things, shall we? 🙂  For starters….. YOU NEED TO GET THIS BOOK!  I devoured it, literally.  I couldn’t get enough of this story.  The characters, the bit of drama, the romance.  Acckkk!  I absolutely loved these two.

So Jamie and Ryan were best buddies at hockey camp growing up.  They only saw each other during those summers but quickly became best friends.  As the years went by, the friendship developed into something stronger at least for one of them.  Now they are done with college and both of them have good possibilities of playing professional hockey and they are once again face to face with each other.  All those feelings come rushing back to the surface and you definitely want to be there to see those sparks fly!

If you’re scared about this being m/m and you haven’t dipped your reading toes into the genre then I would say this is the PERFECT place to start.  It’s such a sweet Gay-For-You romance, very character driven and it has such a wonderful story line.  You will easily fall for both of these guys and be rooting for their HEA desperately by the end of the story.

utc-top-pickNow let’s leave the sweet aside because this is also extremely HOT!  Like handle with care….hot!  You won’t be disappointed with the steam on this one.  I’ve read some hot m/m before but these ladies can do it well and with the best of them.  I sometimes find that some authors write m/m scenes as if they are just replacing a woman in that role.  This is not the case with this book.  Perfectly executed.

But ultimately, this is such a wonderful read for me because I just came to quickly care for Jamie as well as Ryan.  I was invested in both of their lives.  They are both dealing with different issues, coming to terms with where their lives are going.  Making tough decisions not only about their sexuality (since Jamie is straight up to this point), but also dealing with the people around them and the prejudice still felt in today’s society.  All around this is a wonderful story and I can’t recommend it enough.

Now when can we have the next one? 😀

Favorite Quotes:

We’re all just bags of charged atoms walking around bumping into each other.
My electrons went seriously haywire for his tonight, though.  Particles collided.

“You know, you’re a cocky bastard when you’re gay.”

“I’d let you do anything to me, Canning.”




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  1. You have got to read Sarina Bowen’s Ivy Years series. Every book has made my top 10 for the year list. The third book is another m/m romance featuring college age hockey players, although the plot sounds pretty different from this one. My favorite is the most recent release, The Shameless Hour.