Hard Ink has become one of my favorite Romantic Suspense series” ~ Under the Covers

I’m a bit torn about this book. It’s not my favorite of the series only because of my personal expectations. Please note that I love Ms Kaye’s work and because of that I have come to expect certain things from her books. Unfortunately, it didn’t have the flare and excitement as I expected.  First is the action and suspense her full length books usually has. This book didn’t have that.  Since, this took off shortly after Jenna’s rescue; any action was at a halt.  It was time to recoup and relax.  Also, Kaye’s books occasionally comes with a slight insta-love but easily overlooked as it usually works with the storyline.  Easy and Jenna gravitated to each other possibly because they both have really bad issues.  I wish there was more in their relationship besides wanting to just save each other from tragedy.  I guess, I can say it worked that the two have found their sense of purpose to survive.  But, I really wish there was more.

I do however, had enjoyed the rest of the book especially the camaraderie of the men at Hard Ink. They have really come together again and truly show how much they have each other’s back. I am most intrigued with Jeremy.  He is such a flirt and his shirt just speaks volume. His book will be a most anticipated read from this series.  I have no complains with Ms. Kaye’s writing, in this, she has always been consistent. Hard Ink has become one of my favorite Romantic Suspense series which I plan to read more of and any of Ms. Kaye’s future work for that matter.

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Hard As it gets
Book 1
Hard as You Can
Book 2
HardToHoldOnTo hires
Book 3
HardToComeBy cvr
Book 4

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  1. I haven’t read these yet though they are on the TBR pile. I love her PNR series.

    Sorry this was a disappoint. Sounds like it needed more page time to develop an engaging plot and do some romance development.

  2. I’ve loved the Hard Ink books thus far and am a huge fan of Laura’s. It’ sounds like I’m going to want this one to be longer as well. Thanks for the prep as I’ll be waiting with the paper copy to arrive.