“This book was laugh-out-loud funny, heartwarmingly sweet, sexy and spicy”

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“‘Ah yes, shit-giving. The lesser-known sixth love language.’”

Annie, after receiving a big promotion that will see her moving from Philadelphia to London in a few months, finds herself in Seattle on a surprise visit to see her best friend, Darcy. When she finds out Darcy is in Vancouver on a long weekend with her girlfriend, Darcy sends her brother, Brendon, to Annie’s rescue. Annie remembers Brendon from when they were children, and the last time she saw him, he was an awkward, gawky freshman in college. That was eight years ago, and when Annie sees him again, she finds that Brendon has grown into a seriously hot man. Brendon is the owner of One True Pairing, a dating app designed to help people find their person. Brendon is also on the hunt for his, but is constantly going on first dates waiting for that spark. Then, he sees Annie again and he wonders: could he have already met her? Annie is dead set against dating, especially Brendon when she’s leaving in a few short weeks, but he’s determined to change her mind. As the two grow closer and closer, Annie starts to question everything about her future, including whether or not she wants to take the leap with Brendon.

My favorite thing about this book was that Bellefleur took the typical male is averse to love and female is obsessed with anything romance and flipped it on its head. Annie is a sworn-off-dating-forever cynic and Brendon is a rom-com-loving, grand-gesture-appreciating, die-hard romantic. Together, Annie has to find a way to believe in love again, believe in breaking down her walls and giving herself wholly to another person, and Brendon has to learn to reel in his overly romantic side in order to hold onto who his person.

Annie is so terrified of putting herself out there, ultimately because she always feels more for the other person than they do for her. When she finds herself drawn to Brendon in more ways than one, she has to ask herself if the prospect of getting hurt is worth the sheer happiness and comfort she feels in his presence. Brendon has been searching high and low for that spark with someone, the fireworks that indicate a deeper connection, and he found it in the one person who doesn’t believe in love. He has to find a way to break down her walls and get her to believe in him, in them, before it’s too late.

This book was laugh-out-loud funny, heartwarmingly sweet, sexy and spicy (Brendon’s filthy texts had me!), and altogether super real and relatable. I highly recommend picking it up!


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