“Ms. Kaye ended this series with an emotional punch…Well done, Ms. Kaye. ” ~ Under the Covers

What is it about Crow’s Nest that the Boys of Red Hook keep back to? It could be the small town feel in the middle of a city and the family and friends that are always there for them. To be specific, Pete, who had taken in each three boys and raised them as his own or Nikki and her dog named D.O.G. who managed to capture everyone’s heart. I know for me it’s the Boys that are obviously now men who finally get their happy-ever-after. Ms. Kaye ended this series with an emotional punch. I had both sad and happy tears as I read this book.

Had To Be You takes off shortly after You’re The One had ended. Slater finally comes home to Red Hook to help with their family restaurant and to help take care of his pops who is still recovering from a heart attack. While Logan and Storm are busy with their lives, he takes over their responsibilities. Meeting the staff of Crow’s Nest for the first time was a bit uncomfortable since most of them knew who he was. But meeting the band’s singer caught him off guard. The attraction was immediate and since then Slater could not get her off his mind.

I was not at all prepared for this book. I knew Slater was intense but I had no idea why. Well, this book reveals it all. I was surprised with his past and my heart broke for him. At this point of his life he really needed to come to terms with his past. I’m glad he had Rocki who manages to support him despite her very own issues. Their Romance was very sweet despite the short amount of time they had to get to know each other. I found it funny that they both flirted like crazy, convince themselves that they didn’t want anything serious but yet, could not stop their feelings from going any further. Don’t get me wrong the angst was just enough that I thought it was cute not annoying at all. It was done right.

Nikki will finally find out who her biological father is. I am so happy for her, not that she lacked love and support, but it sets things in stone for her. We also get a little of the Frankie and Patrice and how they became close to this family. What fascinated me the most is how Ms. Kaye had weaved in PTSD in the story. It’s not the typical PTSD that you usually hear of or read about but just as traumatic to the victim. I surely didn’t expect any of it. Well done, Ms. Kaye.

I am excited to hear what Ms. Kaye has up next for her fans. I’m hoping she writes about the Maxwell brothers who made an appearance in the last book, You’re The One. I’m predicting a foodie romance for Ms. Kaye’s fans. =D

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  1. Thanks for the great review, Angela! I’m so glad you enjoyed HAD TO BE YOU! It was definitely the most difficult book of all the books I’ve written. It’s great to know it worked. 🙂