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“GYPSY BEACH fits my summer time reading requirements to a tee!” ~ Under the Covers

It’s officially summertime and I’m always in search of new reads that will get me all cozy and full of warm feelings.  My soft spot for that?  Small town romances.  An easy story that won’t carry too much angst around, and will make me smile.  GYPSY BEACH fits my summer time reading requirements to a tee!

The small town of Gypsy Beach is situated in North Carolina, and got its name due to the amount of Gypsies that call the area home.  What can I say I’m a sucker for a bit of gypsy magic infused in my reads!  This first story is about Sienna Cooper.  Her grandmother was a gypsy, much to Sienna’s mothers embarrassment.  Sienna on the other hand, is a lot like her.  She embraces the free spirit of her ancestors, and has spent a lot of her life jumping around from town to town.  As she likes to refer to it as “flying” or running away.

Ryan McNamara used to spend his teenage year summer’s at Gypsy Beach with his wealthy family.  He fell in love with Sienna.  And then life (and his family) had other plans for him.  After the way he broke her heart, he was sure he would never find happiness again.  Until he decides to come back to Gypsy Beach to settle down and the woman he’s never stopped loving is back in town trying to rebuild her grandmother’s Inn.

I loved seeing their second chance at love come together.  With a little help from some gypsy magic, some good ol’ town folks, and Ryan’s little girl.  There were many things about the book that I found endearing and adorable.  The ease of the relationship between Ryan and Sienna, who seem to pick up where they left off without dragging around a whole lot of anger and resentment.  The almost constant presence of Sienna’s grandmother that could be felt throughout the book, even though she was no longer with them.

I had only one problem while reading but I was able to get used to it as the book went on.  The POV was jumping quite a bit without rhyme or reason, so at times the transitions didn’t feel smooth and made me have to re-read a few paragraphs to confirm who’s head I was in.

I am invested in seeing the next couple in the series, which will be featuring Ryan’s best friend and lawyer John.  Can’t wait to see the big tough lawyer get his dose of sweet and sexy at Gypsy Beach.


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