“…had my heart pounding like I was facing down archangels and demons myself.”

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Grace and Glory is the third and final story in the epic Harbinger trilogy by Jennifer L. Armentrout.

Picking up immediately after Rage and Ruin, Grace and Glory follows Trinity Marrow as she’s reunited with her boyfriend Zayne, discovers more of her past, and teams up with Angels, Demons, and Wardens to try to save the Earth and Heavens from certain impending doom.

When we last saw Trinity, Zayne had just returned from what everyone thought was his certain death. But Zayne has changed, and getting him back is just one more thing on Trin’s to do list. Figure out what’s wrong with Zayne, recruit Lucifer, and stop the angel Gabriel: all completely normal things a nineteen year old has to worry about. Luckily, Trin has help from our favorite Wardens as well as a few of our favorite Demons, both sides willing to put aside their differences if it means stopping Gabriel’s world-ending plans. And, since this is Jennifer L. Armentrout, we of course get a happy ending. But there will be plenty of heart-stopping, epic moments featuring some of Heaven and Hell’s most powerful players before Trinity, Zayne, and their friends can have their happily ever after.

Full confession: I love Jennifer L. Armentrout and everything she’s written, so I knew I would love whatever ending she had planned for Trin and Zayne. But Armentrout always has a way of adding surprises and bringing in unexpected characters or problems that keeps me on the edge of my seat. Grace and Glory was no exception. There was a lot of action and a lot of problems to solve, and there were multiple scenes that had my heart pounding like I was facing down archangels and demons myself.

Trinity had a wonderfully brave character arc throughout the Harbinger trilogy, and she really stood on her own in this book. Trin went from being strong because she had to be, to being strong and brave because she knew she had the support of her friends and boyfriend no matter what. And despite a few obstacles, Zayne remains one of the most caring and observant boyfriends that Armentrout has ever written. Trinity tells Zayne several times that he always says the perfect thing, and she’s not wrong. I also really loved all the supporting characters that appear, or reappear, in Grace and Glory. Fans of the Dark Elements series will be delighted in the amount of scene time that Roth and Layla get. I also never thought I’d say it, but I repeatedly laughed at Lucifer’s dialogue and hijinks.

While the final battle between Trinity and Gabriel was built up throughout the story, Armentrout also wrote some incredible tender moments for Trinity. The relationship between Trinity and Zayne is precious, and there was a fabulous give and take between them both physically and verbally.

With action, romance, and a healthy dose of questioning the true nature of good versus evil, Grace and Glory was the perfect ending for Trinity and Zayne’s story and a great wrap up to the Harbinger trilogy.

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