Amity, the almost forgotten Etruscan Goddess of Health has little power left, but with what little remains she works as an aesthetist. But Charun the god of the Underworld has targeted her next and has started to appear in her dreams, especially when she starts being stalked by a demon. But, is it coincidence when Remy and Rom the lovers she took the night before kill the demon, or are they more then they seem?

I need to cool down a bit after reading this, there is no question that this was a hot read! Full or gorgeous angsty lucani (werewolves) and a goddess making the filling in a very delicious sandwich. The sex was well written, hot and dirty, the literally made their woman pass out! Although sometimes the lust did feel a little out of place, even in tense life and death situations they seemed to be thinking about sex.

Although I enjoyed this book, I do sometimes feel I am getting lost in all the names, events and peoples in it. Ms Julian has built up a rich world and I think it helps if you have read a few more of her other books so you can get a feel of her world and her background characters.

Overall I did enjoy this book, I like the idea of the fading godesses and I look forward to reading the next in the series.


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