Unfortunately, I found too many things that I had problems with in this book. I can’t give this book a recommend. ~ Under the Covers

As my first book by Ashley Wilcox, I went into this book with an open mind. But unfortunately, I found too many things that I had problems with in this book.

Here’s just a quick overview of my thoughts in bullet form:

The writing – I didn’t particularly feel that the author’s voice was established. The book is written in alternating POVs between the hero and the heroine. However, the author switches back and forth them so quickly, I felt like I was getting whiplash. There wasn’t enough time for me to really settle down and sink into the character before there was another change of POV. Every time I turned the page, there was a new switch, resulting in an overall feeling of disconnection from the work as a whole.

The hero – I found it quite difficult to like Nolan Pratt. He is the fiancé of the heroine and right from the get-go, she isn’t happy with him for missing an important meeting. When you stand up your own bride-to-be I think that gives readers the wrong sense of character in your opening scene. Nolan is an alpha in the bedroom and while I could appreciate his prowlness in bed, Nolan darts off like a scared wolf when trouble comes in. Again, I don’t think that comes across as a good judge in character. It made it difficult to like him and therefore, I couldn’t find an interest in his character at all.

The heroine – Alexa is sweet and a little feisty. I actually felt a little bad for her. Here she is about to marry a man who doesn’t seem to have his act together. I definitely can accept flawed behaviour, however this seemed to tip over into the no-no-finger wag territory. In the end, I found myself either getting frustrated with this book or simply indifferent.

All of these things combined made this book very hard to get through. Unfortunately, I can’t give this book a recommend.

*ARC provided by author

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