“I expected a sexy bearded hunk of man for a hero and a hilarious and sassy heroine, which is exactly what Penny Reid delivered” ~ Under the Covers

 Jessica has had a massive crush and a bad case of hero worship for Beau Winston ever since childhood, whenever she sees him all her intelligence and powers of speech desert her. As for his twin brother Duane, there has always been a mutual loathing, at least that’s what Jess has always thought. So, why is her body suddenly on high alert whenever Duane Winston is in sight?

I am a huge fan of Penny Reid, I never fail to enjoy everything she publishes so I have been looking forward to this Truth or Beard for what seems forever. I expected a sexy bearded hunk of man for a hero and a hilarious and sassy heroine, which is exactly what Penny Reid delivered. This book was funny, with a splash of sexy and went down perfectly.

The reason I didn’t rate it higher, not that I have given it a bad rating, is that although I enjoyed it; it made me laugh, I liked the characters both the main couple and the side characters, it didn’t rock my world. It had all the usual ingredients and I read it eagerly, but I wasn’t wowed or instantly captivated by it, as I have been with her previous books.

However, I loved the family dynamic between all the Winston brothers, which was a mixture of sweet (in a very manly way of course) and hilarious, I now can’t wait to read the next books, although I believe Cletus very much stole the show. I also really liked the sexual tension and the pure frustration that built up throughout the book between Jess and Duane, I could practically see waves of it emanating from my kindle.

This was a good read, perfect if you want a quality contemporary romance full of laughter and romance. And who doesn’t want some of that?



I was going to kiss her.

But first I was going to strangle her.

“Duane…” She said my name again in that breathless way, making my neck itch and my throat tight.

Jessica was looking at me expectantly. Her big amber eyes on mine like I was the center of her world. I liked it too much. It was also irritating because I didn’t know what it meant, what she was thinking. She hadn’t said a damn word to me on our walk back from the lake. She hadn’t called me. We hadn’t spoken since Friday.

Five days. Five days without touching or tasting her.

I was going to kiss her while I strangled her.

“Yeah?” I said, the edge of my irritation clear. I wasn’t trying to hide it, there was no need. One way or the other we were coming to an agreement that involved definites, not definitely maybes.

Better she knew I wasn’t planning on rolling over unless it involved her beneath me.

Jessica blinked at me, likely because of my tone, and I watched her shake herself a little like I’d startled her.

“Uh, so… the truck.” She cleared her throat, her eyes sliding to the side and away from me.

“What about the truck?”

“You towed it.”

“Yes I did.” I allowed myself a moment to look at her body. She was wearing a pink shirt with buttons down the front, thin fabric with a white, lacy tank top under. It was tucked into a tan skirt that ended at her knees. She was also wearing brown high heeled boots, the kind that don’t make sense.

Boots are for working, for walking through wet mud, for keeping feet from getting shredded by broken glass and falling machine parts. Boots with spiked heels were just as practical as sandals with steel toes.

Still not looking at me, she asked, “So, you want to buy it?” Her voice was different, higher pitched.

“That’s what I just said.” Again, my irritation was clear.

Her eyes cut to mine, throwing me splinters of frustration. “Well there’s no need to be rude, Duane.”

“I’m sorry, was I being rude?” I couldn’t help myself, I took a full step forward, forcing her to lift her chin to keep eye contact. “Should I have called?”

“Yes.” She ground out, “You can’t just tow other peoples’ cars without asking.”

“Excuse me, princess. But Mike McClure called me and asked me if I minded moving the truck here. I figured he was calling on your behalf.”

“No he wasn’t calling on my behalf. If I wanted to call you, I would have just called you.”

I felt those words in my stomach, just under my ribs, a quick slice. I’m sure I winced because her expression changed, but before she could explain away her meaning, I cut her off.

“Fine, I get you, loud and clear.”


I lifted my hands to keep her from talking. She was so lovely, even her voice was pretty. But suddenly I couldn’t wait for her to leave and put me out of this misery of being with her when she wasn’t interested in being mine.

“We want to buy the truck and I’m willing to offer you a fair amount.”

“Would you just hold on a sec-” Jessica took my hand between hers, her grip surprisingly strong, her skin against mine sending a shock up my arm. I ignored it and ground my teeth.

“You can use the money for a new car, something smaller that gets better mileage.”

Paying no heed, Jessica took a half step forward catching me unawares. One second she was glaring at me, the next she was lifting to her tip toes and brushing her lips against mine.

And that was it, I was done for.


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