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ARC Review + Giveaway: In a Fix by Linda Grimes
In a Fix
Book Info

Released: September 4, 2012
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: In a Fix #1
Pages: 336


Just when it seems that every urban fantasy book out there is starting to seem like they are all the same, here comes a book with a fresh new world and story to shake things up.  IN A FIX introduces us to Ciel Halligan.  She has a special ability, she can adapt into someone else’s aura, making her look by all intents and purposes as if she was that other person.  She works on her own private office taking up the jobs that people don’t want to do themselves.

This time around, she has to adapt into a beautiful woman’s body and try to get her very hot boyfriend to propose.  But things don’t go as planned when Trey, the boyfriend, gets kidnapped while they were vacationing.  To make matters worst, not only does she have to rescue him but she has to uncover what is it that these bad guys wanted with him in the first place.

To do that she calls in the backup, in the form of her aura adaptor buddies.  Billy, her friend whom she’s always seen as a cousin because they grew up together but are not really blood.  Mark, the teenage crush who now runs the agency for aura adaptors that she couldn’t seem to work for.  With their help, or more like Ciel as the assistant, they embark in a wild adventure that takes them through crazy situations and even a pirate ship ran by mobsters.

Things are never what they seem in this book.  The story was full action packed and very funny.  Maybe the humor and the originality of this story were my favorite parts.  Billy was probably my favorite, everything he did and said, his whole attitude and persona.  Love him.  I mean, he was walking around with the aura of Queen Elizabeth, wreaking havoc and spreading rumors while people thought they really did have royalty amongst them.

However the one thing that got to me at times was Ciel herself.  She’s very immature, and quite frankly not the most kickass girl to have watching your back.  I think she needs more training.  And then there’s the fact that she was drooling over almost every guy around while claiming to have “feelings” for one.  She was more than willing to jump at any and all opportunities for making out with whomever was available.

Here’s to hoping we see her growing up as this series goes on.  I am excited to see what’s their next adventure!

Favorite quotes:

“When you grow up with a bunch of guys and a propensity for eavesdropping, crudity is the deafult mode when sex is on your mind.  It’s a situational hazard.  Still, I tried hard to stomp it down, along with other vestiges of my real identity – Ciel Halligan, Facilitator.  Intrepid Fixer of Other People’s Problems.  (Yeah, I know.  Goffy.  What can I say?  I read a lot of comic books as a child.)

The trouble with borrowing somebody else’s aura is that you get their level of fitness along with it.  Not that I’m one to talk.  My favorite aerobic activity is reading steamy romantic thrillers.  I figure an increased heart rate is an increased heart rate. Why quibble about methodology?

“So I’ve seen your raspberries.  Who cares?  What’s a little fruit between friends?”

*ARC provided by publisher

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