“Griffin starts and ends this story with intense scenes that kept me at the edge of my seat.” ~ Under the Covers

Ms. Griffin’s books came highly recommended by trusted members in my book club. Naturally, I had to give her latest novel a chance. I’m not disappointed with the recommendation at all; Far Gone was an enjoyable read. Though it had its slow spots, Griffin starts and ends this story with intense scenes that kept me at the edge of my seat.

Police detective Andrea Finch has just scored herself an unwanted vacation after shooting a young perpetrator without following protocol. Perfect timing as her dear brother had gotten himself into a world of a legal mess. Being her brother’s protector since they were young, Andrea is forced to interfere and involve herself with FBI agent Jon North’s murder case. Seems her brother had involved himself with  very bad people.

I enjoyed that nothing in this story was sugar coated. Both Andrea and Jon had to make choices based on their personal and professional judgments. Neither of them picked the easiest path nor picked the path that would please the other. Ms. Griffin certainly didn’t make it easy on them. The romance between Andrea and Jon was not as strong as I would like, but it’s enough to make the relationship realistic and enjoyable for romance readers such as myself.  What I love the most about this book was the unexpected twists and turns towards the end. I’t totally caught me by surprise.  Well, done Ms. Griffin.

This is my first Laura Griffin read and will not be the last. I’m hoping Andrea’s brother would get his own book. I really would like to see what happens to him. However, from what I was told, this book was not intended to be a series. Maybe with enough requests, Ms. Griffin will consider giving Gavin his happy-ever-after.

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  1. Her books are great. There’s the romance and suspense. Plus always a ton of details! Thanks for the chance!

    1. Hi Jane, So glad you like the Tracers! FAR GONE is a stand-alone story, but you will recognize a few familiar faces from the Tracers series. I couldn’t resist bringing them in to help with the forensic angle of the story.

  2. Hmmm I like the idea of making them work for their relationship…makes it much more realistic…thanks angela

  3. I just reviewed it myself, and had very similar thoughts about the book! You would probably like her Tracers series. I have read all Ms. Griffins books, and all are great.

  4. What an intriguing book! I enjoy romantic suspense and would love to win a copy of this book. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  5. I would love to win this one. Her books are awesome, I’ve read them all!! Thanks for the chance.

  6. This book is actually on my TBR list. I’ve never read her books before. This sounds like something I would like….romantic suspense with twists and turns.

  7. Thanks for the post, I am a huge fan of Laura Griffin’s work and I love to hear that this book will still get your heart pumping. I remember starting to read Twisted from her Tracer’s series and I had to close the book and breathe. I was in the car with my husband and he just shook his head at me as I told him I was only on the first chapter! haha I have not read this latest release and thank you for the chance to win!