“I think fans and new readers alike will flock to the Mastered series.  I know when I pick up anything by this author, I will be thoroughly satisfied and enjoy the ride.” ~Under the Covers

I have been anticipating this book for a while now.  I love Lorelei James and couldn’t wait to see her writing an erotic romance not about cowboys. There are many things that I liked about BOUND.

1.  I love the hero.  Ronin Black is, in two words, sexy and intense.  Boy! Is he intense!  With the martial arts background, the tragic past you know it’s lurking beneath the surface, the mixed heritage…the love of tying women up.  This guy is focused to a fault, he gives his all without cracking a smile and reluctantly lets his heroine in.  But just a bit.  He’s tough one to crack!

2.  Amery is a strong heroine.  She is immediately attracted to Ronin even when it doesn’t seem wise or healthy.  But she’s always standing on her own two feet.  Not co-dependent of Ronin.

I was really impressed with the amount of research that shows through this book.  The complexity of the martial arts not as the current fascination that people have now with jiu-jitsu, now promoted in the Brazilian style. Ronin is part Japanese and what he teaches at his dojo, and what he believes in, is the true beauty of martial arts.  What they were always meant to be.  They mean something and should be used with respect.  I loved that Ms. James decided to go in this route instead of just a bunch of tough guys wanting to beat each other up!

Then there’s the BDSM aspect of this book.  I don’t think I would really want to label this book as BDSM.  Yes, this is part of the book.  But with Ronin, Shibari/Kinbaku (ropes technique) is part of his heritage.  Part of that Japanese mystique that I described above with the martial arts.  It’s another extension of who he is, without getting into the kinky that people somehow expect to read about.  Ms. James showcased it as beautiful art, that has the potential of being freeing and erotic.

This book is told from Amery’s POV.  Although I really liked her, I sometimes missed being able to see inside Ronin’s thoughts.  As I said before, he’s intense and doesn’t give you a hint what could be going through his mind.  And at times, he was utterly a jerk!  I need to see that other side.  Desperately.  Ronin Black will just leave you wanting to fix and heal him yourself!

Be prepared for an unexpected twist at the end of this story!  Just when I thought things were wrapping up nicely there was a curve ball thrown my way.

All in all, job well done Ms. James.  I think fans and new readers alike will flock to the Mastered series.  I know when I pick up anything by this author, I will be thoroughly satisfied and enjoy the ride.

*ARC provided by publisher

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  1. I enjoyed reading your take on BOUND. I love the depth of Ronin’s character, even though he keeps his own counsel. I am encouraged to read this book! Thanks! 🙂

  2. I won this book as an ARC and I really enjoyed it. From what I understand the next book will be mostly from Ronin’s POV. It will be nice to get his perspective.

  3. I love that you didn’t give away any spoilers but wrote the review in a way that makes me even more excited to read it!

  4. This sounds like another great series from Lorelei that I will love…well except for the cliff hanger at the end. I am not a cliff hanger fan even though I still read books knowing they are there. Why oh why do I put myself through that?

  5. I love Lorelie’s cowboy books and this sounds so unique but I imagine it’s good as she is a great author…and according to your reveiw, I’m right!

  6. I’ve been reading such great reviews for this series/book! I’m definitely intrigued 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love Lorelei and her books, she is one of my favorite authors. I already pre ordered it for my kindle! This review just made me want to read Bound more.

  8. I love books containing martial arts themes, tragic pasts and a twist at the end. Triple Threat, yeah! Bound sounds wonderful.

  9. Thanks for your thoughts on this book. I also love the Rough Rider series and am excited to read more from Lorelei. I liked that you addressed the martial arts aspect and the ropes play, I have not understood the ropes play in other books but with both of these together along with Ronin’s heritage I will look harder for the beauty in it while reading this book.

  10. I enjoyed your review and appreciate the notice that Lorelei had a new book coming out. Somehow in the hustle and bustle of life I missed that! Thanks for the heads up!

  11. Guess what? I’ve never read any of Lorelei James’ books. But I’ve just added BOUND, as well as the first installments of the Rough Riders and Blacktop Cowboys series, to my TBR. Your review had me craving more … a *lot* more!

  12. Great review! This book sounds great 🙂 but you don’t have to do much convincing to get me to read one of her books. She’s an amazing writer and I would read anything she wrote. Thank you for the giveaway!

  13. I too am a long time fan of Lorelei James and to find a non-cowboy book. . . Well, it interests me. I was disappointed to find it not a stand alone, and thank you for that warning. Even with that, I think this and the next will be on my tbr list. This really sounds too good to pass up. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Great review! I have been anticipating this book since Ms. James first mentioned it. I’m so happy it is almost here!!

  15. I love anything she has written. I love the idea of the martial arts with the ropes. I can’t wait to read it.

  16. Your review has me even more eager to read it. I am a huge fan of her work and can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

  17. I’ve been looking forward to Bound since I first heard that Lorelei James had a new series coming out. Now I am all out JONESIN’!! Dying to meet Ronin Black. He sounds like he could be my next BBF.

  18. I am looking forward to this new series from Lorelei James. I have read everything she has written. I was really bummed to find out she won’t be writing anymore mystery so I am excited that she has started a new romance series.

  19. I love Ms James books and I think this new series won’t be any different than her others as in it will be GOOD. I’m looking forward to reading it.