It’s dark, cautious but also somehow inviting.


“Perhaps you are haunting me. What a comforting thought. Maybe it’s you in the darkness. I swear I’ve seen it move.”

Olivia Prior lives at an orphanage called the Merilance School for girls. Her father is a mystery and her mother went missing long ago leaving Olivia with nothing more than her old journals that supply more questions than they do answers. Olivia has clung to these journals as though her life has depended on them and has memorized their every word. She believes they are the key to whatever happened to her mother long ago. The end of the journals end in a warning for Olivia– stay away from Gallant.

When an invitation comes from an unknown uncle, Arthur Prior, to come live with him at his estate, Gallant; Olivia is hesitant but this might be her only way to get the answers to her past. Her arrival is an unwelcome surprise to those at the house and her uncle, who invited her, has long been gone. She works to unravel the thread of Gallant and of its tangled history.

Schwab writes both adult and children’s books. Her adult books are authored under Victoria E. Schwab while her children’s books are written under Victoria Schwab. Gallant is written under the latter and that is reflected in the story. If this were an adult book, I would’ve liked more darkness, romance, and struggle. As it is I think it’s a beautiful story that is hauntingly romantic–in a reminiscent way.

It’s dark, cautious but also somehow inviting. The journal’s mad, poetic pose is placed all throughout the story and so it is like the unfolding of a riddle as well as a mystery. Olivia’s character is enjoyable as she is both curious, kind, but also a boundary pusher. She fights for what she wants and for the answers she deserves and I have so much respect for her.

I’m surprised Gallant will be released in Spring because it’s the perfect book to read in the fall especially in October. There are ghouls, ghosts, and enough tragedy to make this book the perfect Halloween read. Either way, you’ll have a taste of October in your hands all year long.

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