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“Ms. Callahan really is a wonderful and descriptive storyteller. I was captivated through and through.” ~Under the Covers

I remember discovering Fury of Fire and falling totally in love with Ms. Callahan’s world of Dragons. I automatically started following her like a lost puppy (God help her) wanting more of this world. I am so glad it did not take her long to release Mac’s story. I knew it was going to be another great read!!!

After loving the heck out of Bastian (from Fury of Fire), I honestly did not think any of the dragons could top him. I mean, I tend to stay true to my first loves. But… MAC is just a hawwwt! He is tatted, powerful, confident, very skilled rare water dragon and a very swoon worthy hero. Have you seen the cover?! About 6 months after his turn, Mac seems to acclimate himself well with his new body and his new life. Not only has he become comfortable, he’s been well accepted within the Nightfury brothers. I have to admit, he is now my fave! Damn you Ms. Callahan for making me commit adultery with my fantasy lover.

Tania Solares (Mysts BFF) is an independent heroine, not a kick-ass one but definitely strong. She takes care of her sister, never asking any help from anyone. Ms. Callahan is consistent with making her heroine strong minded and does a great job doing it. She did it with the first 2 books and again with this one. I liked Tania for Mac. I didn’t feel like I needed to kick her ass or anything. In fact, they were pretty hot together! So I was at peace with her for Mac’s mate.

Ms. Callahan also did a wonderful job with the recap as she continued with the world building of this series. She had added a few twists and turns that made our Night Furies even more deeply connected with their enemies. New characters surfaced with family ties and we can sure expect more of them in the next few books. Ms Callahan also widens her world by adding more species and a new group to this world. I am very excited about this.

The cameos from the previous books are always what I look for in my PNR reads. Myst and Bastian, Rikar and Angela and the rest of the pack were of course there. The camaraderie is felt through their banters and during there battles. Forge is just so sweet and is in need of his own book. Wick and Venom’s relationship was very interesting to see. It’s obvious that there is more there, but what? It is possible that there’s a set up for M/M/F type of a relationship/book coming up?

My only complain is that there were scenes that had a slow tempos or too much narration. I love the interactions of the characters, the funny banter and I feel like there was not enough of it.

Ms. Callahan really is a wonderful and descriptive storyteller. Her imagination brings me out of my RL (real life) and into her world of dragons. I was captivated through and through.

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