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“I love the endless fight between the Nightfuries and the Razorbacks. There is always action packed and nail biting scenes…It’s pretty epic!” ~ Under the Covers

Venom secretly longed for a relationship. Seeing his brothers in arms had opened up his eyes to what he needs. Someone he can call his own. But being a toxic dragon that he is, he never thought it was possible…until the night he goes AWOL.

Pushed into desperate time, Evelyn Foxe has to find a way for quick money. But what does a very smart, top notch, out-of-luck accountant do? Yup, you guessed it. Go and work with the city’s top Madame. She has no choice. A lady does what she has to do right?

I was a bit torn on Evelyn’s choice of work, but I get it. Desperate times and all that. But Ms. Callahan did well with how her life had turned out despite their awkward introduction with Ven. Evelyn and Venom’s story came a little fast but it was sweet.  Venom…was very sweet. If you didn’t already know, the dragonkind has to have a certain connection with female for them to ever survive. The connection with their mate is even stronger, even more special and very delicate. Both parties would have to equally love each other for any relationship to work. Some of brothers tactic was to take and woo. But Ven? Oh no, he wanted to woo Evelyn. Given the circumstances of danger, kidnapping first might have been the better choice, but Venom was a romantic, and I love that about him.

One of the best thing about this series is the back story. I love the endless fight between the Nightfuries and the Razorbacks. There is always action packed and nail biting scenes between the two. It always involves flying dragons with each using their powers and talents. It’s pretty epic!

I also enjoy seeing the rest of the crew. Of course, there’s the funny banters and awesome camaraderie. Ivar, one of the Razorbacks surprised me in this installment. This guy is THE head of his crew and totally ruthless. But in this book, he softened up just a tad. Coreene had put in a seed of compassion in his character. I’m not sure what Ms. Callahan has planned for him but I’m certainly intrigued. Though, I don’t think he has caused his last destruction in this series.

Overall, Fury of Obsession was an enjoyable read.

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