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“Darynda is an AMAZING WRITER and I have fallen in love with her and the books she writes…In a non-stalker way of course. ”
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Darynda is an AMAZING WRITER and I have fallen in love with her and the books she writes…In a non-stalker way of course. Each book in this series has left my jaw on the floor or left me in fetal position, crying that the book had ended. So you can just imagine how I felt when I got my paws on this ARC. As I predicted, Darynda did not disappoint.

Charley, our super funny grim reaper, did not leave book 3 unscathed. Even with her powers, she is not beyond feelings of humanity. The near death experience, battling with demons, almost loosing people she cares about and then betrayed by family has left Charley with serious issues. I don’t blame her.

Darynda took a different route with Charley’s story. Yes, she is still spunky, funny, smart mouth. But she is not our usual herione who keeps getting up even after a good emotional or physical beat down. She is suffering from depression and PTSD. It’s weird seeing Charley at a vulnerable state. She avoided everyone. She had flashbacks of her attack, inability to cope or live her daily routine and she shopped QVC until she was broke. It was hilarious that Darynda incorporated an “intervention” on Charley. Uncle Bob, Cookie and her sister Gemma decided to snap her out of her depression by getting together and bribing her with pastries. Okay, it was a serious moment but it was funny on how they went about it.

Luckily, there was a job offer for Charley that she could not refuse. Well, she was running out of money, so she had to take it. Harper is being terrorized and she needed help to solve the mystery. It was somewhat ironic that what got her out of her house, is a client also suffering from PTSD. She automatically connected with Harper as they share a similar childhood experience. I think Darynda did an awesome job making readers experience what Charley and Harper went through. The feelings were realistic, believable and heartbreaking to see.

Of course, Reyes was there too. Initially, he had stayed away from Charley per her request but he was never far. He still kept a close watch on our Reaper. I love that he tried to give her space and waited until she was ready. If you remember, our Son of Satan is out of prison and living his life…in the flesh. Oh yes, Reyes in human form is just as sexy as he was corporeal. Wait until you see what his current occupation is (hawtness) and whom he’s shackin’ up with. I swear Reyes can make my blood boil in every way. But no worries, it was only for convenience. We all know his heart belongs to ME *coughs* I mean Charley. He will always continue to protect her. Between their disagreements, it’s still very clear that they’re in love with each other.

Talk about love, not only that I have fallen for Darynda, Charley and Reyes…I also have fallen for Garrett and Donavan. Though they made their appearance, I wish there was more. Donavan, Charley’s biker friend has been hanging with the wrong crowd and he has gotten himself in some deep kadoodeee. And well, you know Charley, she will always try to save the day. I keep thinking of where Darynda is going with his character because it’s obvious that there is something going on between him and Charley. We all know that relationship is not going anywhere but I feel like there’s more there. Garrett on the other hand, had also made his cameo but very, very brief. I was a bit disappointed because I felt connected with his character and I wanted more of him.. Like Charley, he went through hell (literally) and he’s not quite recovered from it. He’s been out and about but has been doing a lot of research as far as after life goes. I am predicting something bad is brewing in that pretty head of his.

Of course, this book will not be complete without Cookie, Amber, Ubie, Gemma, Elena, and Angel. Oh and Charley has a new friend Margaret. She is silent for the most part but very dangerous. It was of course great to see Artemis. She really took on the role of Charley’s Guardian and did a great job doing it. Charley’s dad was around as well. We already know that they have been having issues. By the end of this book, there will be clarity to his past actions. We will have to see where that goes but I’m hoping for the best.

Overall, Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet is another GREAT addition to this series. I don’t think Darynda can do wrong when it comes to her writing. She is a superb writer with a phenomenal imagination. As always, I am yet again in the mercy of this author, waiting for the next Charley installment.




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  1. I thought this book was one of the BEST books i read all year! Reyes and Charley are just meant for each other and those darn HOT Biker Bandits are a extra side dish i wouldnt mind having! <3 THIS SERIES!

  2. I loved this book! I would like to have Donovan come back in the next one just to through something extra into the mix. I love this series!

  3. Great review Angela! I just finished this late last night and loved it! 5 stars for me too! This series is so awesome and Darynda is just the coolest! Can’t wait for the next book. I wish it wasn’t so far away 🙁

  4. Love the blog I have not gotten to read this book yet I have to wait for it but as soon as it’s here it’s game on I can’t wait to see how it end’s. And everyone so far just loves loves loves it so I know it going to be great. I really need my fix of Charley and Reyes that book better be here soon

  5. Oh, I can’t wait to dive into FGBF!!! It’s waiting patiently in my TBR stack for this upcoming week. Had I had more free time I would have gobbled it up already 🙂

  6. I am so excited to start this book! I am wrapping up Death and the Girl Next Door……..Love that book then, I am cutting myself off from the rest of the world and savoring Forth Grave! Grimlet Power!

  7. I just got my pre-order today in the mail and I was so excited! The cover is so beautiful and I cannot wait to devour this book! I love this series! Thanks for your great review!