ARC Review: Forgiving Lies by Molly McAdams

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ARC Review: Forgiving Lies by Molly McAdams
Forgiving Lies
Book Info

Released: October 29, 2013
Genre: New Adult
Pages: 371

“My common-sense meter was on high alert and constantly tested.” ~Under the Covers

When I first heard of this book, I thought the storyline sounded interesting.  Then I saw the gorgeous cover (I’m a sucker for piercings) and decided to give this author a second shot.  I’ve only read one book by her previously and it was one of those where I almost DNF it but I just had to know how that mess ended.

So here I am diving in FORGIVING LIES.  It starts off pretty good.  Rachel is going to college in Texas with her best friend Candice.  They’ve been friends since they were little. Candice and her family have helped Rachel through many tough situations, including the death of both of her parents.  They took her in and have raised her since.

On the other hand we have Kash, a cop from Tampa, and his partner Mason who are sent to Texas to find the Carnation Killer.  They’ve tracked their mystery suspect in the serial killings to that town and are now undercover trying to find his identity and prevent him from killing again.

Rachel used to have a crush on Candice’s cousin Blake when they were younger.  He’s moved to Texas and is working at their college.  And he’s been trying to get Rachel to go out with him for the longest time.  Until, and with Candice’s help, Rachel agrees.  They go on a couple of dates when his sick personality starts to show and he tries to harm her.  After her best friend turns her back on her and sides with her cousin, Rachel just continues on with her life as if nothing happened.  Then she meets hunky Kash and sparks quickly fly between them.

Although this book started out interesting, the dialogue and the turns the story took quickly had me wanting to commit murder.  I hate, hate, HATE being in this position!  This book left so many unanswered questions and handled so many issues the wrong way.  My common-sense meter was on high alert and constantly tested.  Sadly, although I wanted to give up and put this aside, I continued reading.  And things just got more over the top and unrealistic.

There is a near rape scene near the beginning of the book.  Instead of taking that serious event and doing something with it, it’s shoved to the side and not addressed, talked about, or the emotions afterwards felt until about 80 pages later.  How can someone go through something so traumatic and then continue on as if nothing happened, joking around and going out with friends.  Even sort of dating a complete stranger!

This wasn’t the only issue I had with the story, but I don’t want to get into every detail.   I felt as if the author was trying to put in “angst” and events from a mental checklist instead of making those flow with the story.  Rape, check.  Gun shot, check.  Kidnapping, check.

The characters throughout the story came off as immature.  There were things I enjoyed but I don’t think those are enough to make me continue reading this series, even after the cliffhanger ending.

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