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“I’m somewhat of a Roni Loren addict.” ~ Under the Covers

I absolutely LOVE revisiting couples that we’ve already fallen in love with in a series.  FOREVER STARTS TONIGHT brings us back to Jace, Evan and Andre and shows that a permanent triad has its own special set of complications.  And that it will take commitment and effort to make things work.  Their road to a HEA is harder than most couples because of juggling the inner dynamics of their triad, as well as what others perceive of their relationship.

Feelings can be a touchy thing.  This book goes to show you that.  And maybe what you always assumed you didn’t want or need becomes a priority.  As you may be aware, I’m a fan of the series, and have come to care for these characters!  It was refreshing to see them be strong through the struggles of life.  There are many important issues at hand in this book, and even when facing uncertainty they pulled through and didn’t stray.  If there’s something I hate is unnecessary drama and lack of communication.  Ms. Loren managed to share this story without falling into the easy traps where this could’ve happened.

I feel that after FOREVER STARTS TONIGHT there is a true happily ever after in their future.

These three are still one of my faves.  Well, I do love them all.  I’m somewhat of a Roni Loren addict.  But stories like this is exactly why.  They go past being just a hot way to spend the time.  They move you, connect with you.  And she always does right by her characters. Another job very well done with this one!

*ARC provided by publisher

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notuntilyouBook 3.5 Caught-Up-in-YouBook 4 needyoutonightBook 5 Forever Starts TonightBook 5.5
nothingbetweenusBook 6

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  1. LOL! I’m somewhat of a fan of this series too, Francesca. I was so thrilled to see this follow-up story b/c I wanted to know how they got on after deciding to be together.