“Is there anything sexier than a hero who applauds a heroines competence?”
~ Under the Covers

Wrexham, Duke of Elsmore is having a few financial issues on the home front. Something, quite literally, isn’t adding up. Which, as an owner of a bank, would be a disaster if people ever found out. After all, if he can’t look after his own financial affairs, how can he be trusted to look after anyone else’s? The solution: Mrs Eleanora Hatfield. Ellie is an auditor and well known for her talent with numbers and she is exactly who Rex needs in more ways than either of them can imagine.

Competence in a heroine has always been sexy, but in recent times I’m glad to see this being recognised and it more blatantly being shown by authors. Which, is exactly what this book does. Ellie is a Math’s savant, she understands numbers and how they work and is recognised as the best auditor in the business. Which, is exactly what Rex needs, being in charge of a Dukedom is a complicated business, his “domestic” affairs involve supporting an army of sisters, cousins and aunties and his properties are spread across Europe. He needs our extremely competent heroine to untangle the neglect of generations to see where his money is being drained. Is it accidental? Or is it something more nefarious?

Like all Grace Burrowes romances this moves at a steady pace with two characters who, although don’t have a bonfire of angst and emotion, gradually and maturely come to the realisation that they’re in love. I know it doesn’t sound exciting, but I loved the ever mounting tension between them as they come to respect each and value each other. I also really loved seeing Ellie in action, she was an expert on all the ways money can be scammed out of someone and it was genuinely interesting to learn about some of the hustles that were/are carried out.

As always with Grace Burrowes, this was a good read with a solid romance. But, what stood out the most for me was Ellie, our heroine, I loved seeing her get recognition and admiration for her skills, especially from Rex, our her. Is there anything sexier than a hero who applauds a heroines competence?


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