Fans of Helena Hunting’s Pucked series or Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus and Briar U series will not want to miss the debut hockey romance from Amanda Chaperon, For the Boys.


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Fans of Helena Hunting’s Pucked series or Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus and Briar U series will not want to miss the debut hockey romance from Amanda Chaperon, For the Boys.

Brent Jean is a star hockey player. With gorgeous looks and a professional athlete paycheck, Brent attracts women in every city he plays in. But once he sees Berkley Daniels at the bar one night, he knows he only wants her. The problem is, Berkley is the one woman not throwing herself at Brent. Just months away from finishing law school, Berk has the perfect blend of family, friends, and studying. She doesn’t have time for guys, even ones as hot as Brent. But the more they talk, the more Berk realizes she has feelings for Brent Jean. Finally agreeing to date, Brent and Berkley will both have to learn from their past relationships in order for theirs to work out – but once they do, their passion will be hot enough to melt the ice.

Full disclosure: I was lucky enough to beta read Amanda’s debut, so my love of Brent and Berkley’s romance may stem from several iterations of the story but my review is based solely on the final version of the book.

While I’ve read hockey romances in the past, I wouldn’t say they’re my go-to sub-genre. But Amanda instantly pulled me into her story featuring a professional hockey player in Detroit and this independent law student. Readers can immediately feel their chemistry as Brent and Berkley’s eyes lock from across the room, and the only downside to this romance is that it is a slow burn.

For the Boys has a wonderfully dynamic cast of characters, and both the main characters as well as the secondary ones, bring so much to the story. At first glance, Brent and Berk seem at odds with one another; she’s a studious soon-to-be lawyer who knows how to have a good time with her close-knit group of friends. Brent’s focus, when not straying to a puck bunny, has always been on the game and his teammates. But their chemistry is palpable, and even when Brent and Berk are at odds with each other, readers will still anxiously await their first steamy scene.

Berkley and Brent are both flawed individuals; they’ve both let past relationships control how they handle their relationship with each other. Obviously, that is a hurdle they both have to get over before they can find their happily ever after, and Amanda was able to really flesh out both of these characters during that drama-filled journey.

As hot as the action off the ice could be, Amanda also gives readers plenty of hot athletes in action as well. The hockey scenes were fast paced and well executed; readers definitely don’t have to be avid hockey fans to understand these action scenes, but those who do love the game will love the attention to detail as the puck flies.

For the Boys contains lots of action on and off the ice, a slow-burn steamy romance, and a fantastic cast of characters. Readers will love Brent and Berk’s relationship, to themselves as well as their friends, family, and teammates. Amanda introduces readers to a lot of great characters, and it’s clear that she’s created a fully-realized hockey world that I, for one, can’t wait to see more of in future books.

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